Impulse Tracker Pattern Editor Mode

So i finally bought renoise :D …and there is only one thing i really miss…an Impulse tracker pattern editor mode!

Currently in Renoise the pattern editor emulates the FastTracker2 behavior, wich is; when i press cursor down, the pattern editor scrolls up and when i press the cursor up the pattern editor scrolls down. This is not pratical at all since there is alwas some part of the of the pattern that is not viewable because of the scrolling.
So it would be very nice if renoise had an optional Impulse Tracker pattern editor mode.
The Impulse tracker method consists of having a “non scrollable” pattern, so that when you press the cursor keys up and down, the cursor moves, instead of the whole pattern moving. The Impulse Tracker way works a bit like windows notepad. The biggest advantage is that you can always see all the 64 lines at once (or even 128 lines if you are in a 1080 pixels resolution).

The FT2 way made sense in the time when screen resolution was an issue and not everything could be displayed in one screen, hence the need for scrolling. With today’s video resolutions there is no need for that as everything (64 lines or even 128) fits in one screen.
Scrolling is not nice as it hides important information and makes you have to go up and down to see the whole pattern.

I know that this must sound very awkward for people who for years were used to the FT2 behavior, but this would make editing patterns a lot faster and easier.

i know renoise is renoise…that is why i suggest it optionable (although the IT method is much better) :)

@ hcv242:

Never had the pleasure to look into impulsetracker, but you are aware that you can disable patternfollow (next to ‘record’ button, top left of the screen) & hide ‘upper & lower’ half of the gui frame (top right of the screen)?

You can right mouse click this view permanently underneath one of the global view-presets for instant larger screen tracking. Still, probably not what you was accustomed to in impulse tracker and want in Renoise…

It does still not prevent the pattern from scrolling when moving up or down with the cursor.

in the above screen im editing the last bar of a pattern. what is the use of the area marked with red ? absolutely none :( it is wasted space that could be showing important information - pattern data.
if the pattern was centered, life in renoise would be so much cooler (yes, there is life in renoise ;) )

edit: also …when doing a life performance with renoise you need to have an overall view of everything that is in a pattern. the need to scroll to see the whole pattern makes me feel lost and disorientated…if that makes any sense.

Well, if you toggle “View Patterns continuously” in the GUI preferences, you would see the next or previous sequenced pattern in that area.
But since you only have one sequence position programmed in your screenshot, you don’t see anything there.
That area does have a purpose.

yes…you are right…im aware of that feature…but anyways…if that space was filled with the end of the pattern…then i would be able to see the top of the pattern… and that would be way cooler…at least to me :P

I agree with hcv242.

Not a new feature request, though. I’ve seen it requested before in this forum.


EDIT: Here’s a similar thread, but I’ve seen this idea a few times and agree with it.

I was about to make a post about this exact thing, but thought I’d resurrect this thread instead. The background always moving when you scroll in a pattern has always annoyed me very much. I’d much rather it not move until the cursor reaches the last part of the visible pattern, instead of the cursor always being centered and the background moving. The way it currently works makes it very hard to see the entire pattern when scrolling to the end. (It’s also disorienting when the pattern lines move up or down every time you scroll just one or two rows) This is literally the biggest workflow killer for me in Renoise and one of the few complaints I have about an otherwise perfect tracker…PLEASE devs make an option for a Impulse Tracker/Buzz tracker style scroll mode =)



so exactly how difficult would this be to add as an option? is it possible with a scipt maybe? I’ve seen that people have been requesting it for years.