Scroll Edit Cursor Up/down Instead Of Pattern Up/down

Hello, congratulations on incredible new version 2.5!

I have a wish, maybe this is possible already and I’m too stupid to figure it out:

Could it be possible to unlock the edit cursor from always being in the centre? That is: Move cursor up/down instead of pattern up/down. Like in regular text/spreadsheet/database editors; keep the worksheet centered until the cursor reaches an edge, THEN start scrolling.

With todays monitor sizes there is often no need for horizontal scrolling. I can fit whole patterns on my screen, and with play-scrolling off, I can always see everything, just jumping page by page through the song. There is no need to scroll anything. But once I start editing, moving the cursor up/down, the pattern moves up/down and I loose the complete overview.

Maybe this sounds weird, but see screenshot:

All 40 lines are visible. At this view, I can see the whole pattern all the time. It is much better to move the cursor up/down in the pattern, keeping the pattern frozen, than move the pattern up/down.

As a relevant feature; it would be nice with a “zoom pattern to fit” command, so the edit window always zoomed patterns to fit horizontically (maybe also vertically?). No need to scroll horizontically and everything can be seen all the time.

Turning Pattern Follow mode off should do the trick?
Scroll/Lock on the keyboard… ;)

Not what he meant I think.
The cursor is still at a fixed vertical position in either modes. It is the background that is moving, not the cursor.

That’s right. I was afraid this would be a bit hard to explain without being misunderstood, I’m sorry for the confusion…

When playing AND editing: I would like the CURSOR to move around the pattern, and scroll only when/if necessary. If the whole pattern fits on your screen, there is no reason to scroll.

This should be a preference or option, I am sure others prefer to have the whole song scrolling down continuously.

I agree with NebularSpool; I would like to see an option to make the cursor move (Excel-style) rather than scroll the entire pattern around every time. Besides the reason NebularSpool has mentioned, it is also the case that if you double-click at a particular position, the entire pattern immediately scrolls so that the clicked position is at the centre of the screen, which requires a few seconds to adjust your “visual orientation” to the new position. If the cursor moved there instead, the pattern would remain fixed and it would be less confusing.

Bump, dupe, todo:

+1 …the biggest complaint about Renoise for me…the one thing that literally almost kept me from buying the program. The way it works now can be very annoying at certain times when you want to see the beginning of your pattern.