Independant Octave Selection And Chord Recognition.

Just a small and easy to apply idea.
When you edit notes in the pattern editor you can only change the note along with the octave number.
To make it easier to voice things differently(play chord notes higher or lower) I think we should be able
to edit the octave number independantly. This way we can quickly rearrange the notes for different interval sounds.

Also, I think that renoise should recognize and display chords better. Notes are not laid out by their position on the keyboard(like in a piano roll) and when you go back to an old project after a while it can be a pain to tell what chord you played. Also, a way for notes to be displayed as flat instead of always sharp would make things a little clearer.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel it’s time some more tradional music features were included in Renoise. It’s a kick ass tracker and I would love to see it cover all other bases so I could do all my work within one proram. Built in chord generator, key/mode selection etc…

+1 for the octave idea

Maybe you mean to enter the octave number by key…

But in case you didn’t know: you can already transpose notes by octaves (either by R-click menu or by keyboard shortcuts).

And +1 on the more musical features. Similar things have been suggested in the past.

I figured there was a way to change the octaves. Thanks man.

I think it would be a bit faster, though, if you simply did it within the pattern editor and did the edit directly on the line. Just a workflow thing I guess. Faster is always better.

I’d love to be able to edit octaves without touching the note value… +1 on that

Sounds interesting. The problem is that it’s an extra char per track to wade through when editing effects and such.

What would be nice is for the shortcut to change the octave of whatever’s under the cursor if nothing’s actually be highligted.

dont you mean +12? :P

+1 to the flats and sharps.