Inertia On Everything

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The inertia setting on the filter is very useful (also the attack release on signal follower) so why not have it on everything?

Examples: Smooth out random LFOs, make a ramp with just one or two pattern commands.

Possible implementations:

  1. Add inertia settings on all native FX
  2. An inertia device (as was suggested by Kraken)
  3. Add inertia on Hydra

Adding inertia everywhere will probably clutter things up, although it could be done (I also want dry/wet everywhere but that’s another discussion :P ). Another con: since it’s on native effects you can’t apply inertia/interpolation on the automation for things like VSTs.

An inertia device would be a tidier implementation, but it requires a lot of routing for it to work. EXAMPLE: You want to apply inertia for a pattern command. You have to add a hydra, apply pattern commands to its input, route it to inertia device, route it to the effect. That’s a lot of steps, if you consider that with the inertia everywhere method, you can just apply pattern commands on the effect directly and be done with it.

So the only realistic solution I can think, is turn the hydra into the ultimate automation manipulation device. It already has the scale which is a way of manipulating the input, so adding inertia settings isn’t outside the scope of the device. It also saves you from an extra routing step in the example I gave for the inertia device.

This is all still up for discussion though, maybe we can find an even better way to have inertia everywhere.

EDIT: On the other hand, if you want to for example, apply 5 random lfos with inertia to each setting of an EQ5, you’ll need 5 LFOs plus 5 Hydras…

Lots of pattern commands don’t need inertia, since usually 0zxy where x is the inertia factor and y is the value-change.
For pattern commands controlling plugindevices this is better done with automation.
Do not expect inertia to have the desired effect on pluginparameters that have very low value ranges though (1 to 12 or lower) inertia can only be applied to actual values of the plugin’s parameter range and not inner steps between as is being done with Renoise internal effects. In that regard i think wanting inertia on everything raises a bit too high expectations which are not in the range of reality.