Interpolation Device

Simply put, i would love a per-slider inertia control for the hydra device. In this way, a single slider change could create wide, varied morphs.

Alternatively, a simple inertia/interpolation device that takes an input and interpolates from the previous value to the new one and spits out the interpolated value. Input -> inertia -> output. Linear interpolation would be good enough for most cases. This would let you “sweep” effects with a single effect command instead of automation. Would also let you “sweep” across patterns.

I thought of this mostly because of my Korg Z1, which i use as my primary controller. It doesn’t have endless rotaries, and has an awesome x/y pad. Unfortunately, the pad doesn’t interpolate. The result is a ton of controls where accidentally touching one will result in an abrupt change in value, which is rarely cool sounding.
So that’s my whiny reason :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That said, inertia on devices is a great thing, and i think the application would be well served to have broader access to that functionality.