Insert Paste In Pattern Edit

(protman) #1

We have paste ctrl+v, continuous paste ctrl+p, both with the option of toggling into mix modes.

Why not an insert-paste ctrl+i ?

Often I want to perform an action similar to continuous paste, but I may not want to perform it down the entire column, or I may want it to push down the pattern data below.

Alternately, a variation of continuous paste where you can control how many times it pastes with multiple presses rather than destroying the whole column.

Paste Continually Within Selection
Paste Continually Within Selection
(vincentvc) #2

Ctrl + I is already taken with Interpolate Linear.

(protman) #3

another shortcut, then :walkman:

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(ripley) #5

Don’t be lazy! :P

(esaruoho) #6

Don’t hold us back