Paste Continually Within Selection

I find myself wanting to do this often.
Could be something like shift-P or ctrl+alt+P.

I would use this.

Great idea to use the current selected area as a mask to limit the pasted data.

Also will be nice if it will work across selected patterns.

plus one


+1 idd


Good Idea!

yeah i would use it +1


simple and useful.


I also just mentioned an interest in insert-paste.

would ruin my pagedown_paste_pagedown_paste_pagedown_paste_pagedown_paste_pagedown_paste_pagedown_paste_pagedown_paste_ combo but +1 :)



Anything like this, or protman’s mixpaste is always +103051935

Thanks for the support esa. Can you link me to info on protman’s mixpaste?

Protman paste
His idea of “Pattern Editor -> Impulse -> (Impulse shortcuts)” is also very useful! Here are some of his threads:
Protman: “Impulse tracker style binding suggestions”-thread
Protman: “ImpulseShortcuts”-thread
Protman: ImpulseKeybindings WIP code from Feb19 2011