Instant Pattern Trigger?

I like to make patterns and jump between variations instantly.

example- just as if you right click on the pattern play buttons, it doesn’t wait to finish the current pattern, but instead jumps to the same playback position in the triggered pattern instantly.

I just don’t want to wait for the pattern to finish completely. Instead to blend live several bits of patterns into new fills and variations from MIDI!

Is this currently possible? It would be awesome. With the MIDI mapping, it’s still waiting until the end of the pattern. If you can already right click to do this, I hope there’s some option for MIDI as well.

oh yes, I want to say I’m already floored by how much value and work you all put into this software.
There’s nothing like it-Thank You so much! More worth the wait than I could have known. :D

MIDI Mapping Dialog -> Available & Active Mappings -> Global Mappings -> Seq. Triggering -> Trigger Seq XX

The GUI by default maps: Seq. Triggering -> Schedule Seq XX

See also the new MIDI mapping HowTo for more:

Thank you so much taktik!
Some of the best support here :)