Midi Map Screen Cosmetics

Taktiks post

If you read Taktiks post there then you can see in the picture that the MIDI map screen either has a bug with the selected control to map readout or it is simply too small (design fault)

As you can see from the image you can’t tell if it is setting to schedule or trigger
This is something you would want to know off hand at a glance i would say

Maybe just have it scrolling would do it ?

I haven’t posted this in bugs because i think it is more a design issue and as such this is a suggestion ;)



Well, would it make sense to widen the whole dialog just to be able to show the complete path?

“Sequence #1 Trigger” actually is enough info and you always can expand the list box above.

word wrap?

Actually yes it would make sense
Either that or have the text scrolling as i say
Currently it is not very much use and if the idea is to open the list then the list should open at the correct place automagically when you learn a control

Sequence# 1 trigger is what it says for multiple settings sooooo i dunno just seems a little unprofesional compared to the slickness of the rest of the app (Prolly just me though)