Instrument keyzones

I came across my first limitation of Renoise.
I managed to layer VST Instruments by setting up the same MIDI input for them. However, I could not edit keyzones. I suppose it’s not even meant to be there.
Is there any workaround, so I can layer my instruments together with keyzones somehow?


The keyzones in Renoise are for internal samples only. VST plugins have their own velocity responses.

There is a workaround that you can use to also devide responsiveness on velocity and keyzone layers, but this requires using an external vsthost, virtual midi cable software and a plugin called polysher.
I have explained in this topic how you can do basic vst control on keyzone splitting, you can also set the velocity ranges to send:

I hope in the near future that Renoise allows internal midi routing so that these ackward solutions are no longer required, but this is currently the way to do it.

WOW, that’s super-complicated :)

Thank you very much for the quick answer. Yes, I checked the feature request thread, and as I’ve seen there are some really well-developed (and complicated) ones pinned there. Implementing those would be a pain in my opinion.

But (seeing a ‘transpose’ is there), I wonder if adding a note filter, directly to the “Plugin” section would hurt? There’s even room for it under the Plugin Grabber

another way for fast computers is key tracker in track DSPs with assign to mixer/volume/notes between one intrument and another ones one each channel/track. Still processor will work, but there will be no sound on these keys where we don’t want to hear…
key_tracker is something big u know…