Instrument Modulation: should apply mul & div before add & sub

Calculations in the instrument modulation need to follow mathematical rules (multiplication & division before addition and substraction). The currently sequential handling messes things up. Following the proper rules would for example allow to dedicate a seperate Operand to each modulation source. And would also prevent from eleminating the complete parameter values by zero-multiplication, when setting (automating) a dedicated operand to zero.

Also min & max sliders are missing for the Key Tracking.

Need to add “bracket” devices then as well - somehow ;)
Current behavior is not really a malfunction, but a good suggestion. Let me please move this to the ideas and suggestions box…

Yeah, of course the calculations are correct atm and “messed up” only in the actual context with the interaction of the several sources. I’d just like to call attention to the fact, as long as also the min&max sliders of the Key Tracking aren’t available, it won’t be possible to recreate a proper synth behavior. So imo either the bracket devices (I like the idea!) or at least those sliders as a first step should for the final 3.0 be in.