Instrument Modulation

For a lot of modern sounds the currently provided 20Hz of the instrument LFO are too slow. The faster, the better. Sylenth1 - as THE most common dance synth - provides up to 192hz for LFOs. It would be quite nice and helpful to have those available for Renoise instruments.

Then we just need (to upgrade the LFO to) a DFO (Dynamic Frequency Oscilator).
The LFO is currently just meeting its original standard: “Low-frequency oscillation (LFO) is an electronic signal, which is usually below 20 Hz and creates a rhythmic pulse or sweep”
DFO would then fitting more to what is needed today without nitpickers whining about that the LFO is not a true LFO
I believe you can chain some LFO’s to eachother in the modulation to achieve the same frequency, but its not quite easy to fine-tune the exact frequencies the more you chain.

Well you could just call it FO ;)

+1 x 192 to this…

I remember, I’ve read that long long ago, but really hadn’t that in mind anymore. I only had in mind “WTF?”, when I saw 20Hz. :D But this of course explains it then. :)

What ever it’s called, it’s gonna be very welcome.

Meh… ;) :D