Instrument Modulation

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For a lot of modern sounds the currently provided 20Hz of the instrument LFO are too slow. The faster, the better. Sylenth1 - as THE most common dance synth - provides up to 192hz for LFOs. It would be quite nice and helpful to have those available for Renoise instruments.

Simple FM Synthesis using Pitch LFO
List of feature suggestions for Renoise
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Then we just need (to upgrade the LFO to) a DFO (Dynamic Frequency Oscilator).
The LFO is currently just meeting its original standard: “Low-frequency oscillation (LFO) is an electronic signal, which is usually below 20 Hz and creates a rhythmic pulse or sweep”
DFO would then fitting more to what is needed today without nitpickers whining about that the LFO is not a true LFO
I believe you can chain some LFO’s to eachother in the modulation to achieve the same frequency, but its not quite easy to fine-tune the exact frequencies the more you chain.


Well you could just call it FO ;)

+1 x 192 to this…

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I remember, I’ve read that long long ago, but really hadn’t that in mind anymore. I only had in mind “WTF?”, when I saw 20Hz. :D But this of course explains it then. :)

What ever it’s called, it’s gonna be very welcome.

Meh… ;) :D