Instrument Selection And Filtering

First of all, thanks muchly to the Renoise team for having a larger instrument view!

A few things however which would really make the Renoise instrument selection a dream. They should be quite quick to implement, especially the second and third ones.

1: VSTs take a long time load in and process. However, when I go through a batch of instruments, it will often be from the same VST that I just loaded in last (just a different instrument/program). Can’t Renoise keep the VST in memory, and apply the new patch/instr immediately in these cases? It’s a real pain to wait 2 seconds sometimes, just to hear what a new instrument sounds like.

2: In the search, when I type say “synth bass” (without the quotes), wouldn’t it be a good idea to find those two words wherever they appear in the filename? This way, if a filename is called “synthbass” or “basssynth”, it will still find it. Again, this would save me loads of time, since I often have quite descriptive filenames. As it stands, Renoise will specifically look for “synth bass”, with the space, and it has to be in that order.

3: Can we have the search feature available in the main instrument view as well as the instrument load view? Handy when you have dozens of instruments ;)