Intech Studio - MIDI controllers - Grid Editor - OSC?

I consider it a suggestion, so I’m posting here. These things:

I’ve gotten four of these controllers and they are awesome and fully customizable. I would love to see someone develop a tool that makes these controllers basically a bi-directional Surface controller for Renoise.

If you have what it takes to develop the tool, I will buy you the controllers to do it! :smile:

They are on summer sale until end of August. Not pricey - they’re not plastic like - love them.

Please - this must be done. These are the controllers for Renoise - TRUST

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maybe @Raul would take this on? He seems like a wizard :mage:

I was thinking the same thing. Picked up the EF44 and EN16. Love the modular aspect of these devices. I would definitely help test something for this if someone got a tool off the ground.

Interesting concept of modularity for MIDI controllers and powerful Grid Editor. On the price per module, I prefer not to comment on anything. However, the controls are not motorized and the color visual aids don’t seem very well done on the buttons. I have not tried them but that is the feeling I have when I see them.

Bidirectional also implies that the controller receives data from the Renoise tool so that it “does something”. By not having monotized wheels or motorized faders, the data reception would only be transferred to the illumination of the RGB LEDs, if it is possible. My understanding is that composer can detect each control visually through the RGB color associated with each control. Nowhere does it say whether or not they accept SysEx.

Regarding Renoise control via MIDI, it doesn’t seem complicated. You can even use the MIDI Universal Controller tool to make things easier and encompass more control.

It is as you said.