Integrating Renoise into other DAW/Workflow

Howdo, hope you are all well.

Getting Renoise into my workflow is an ongoing goal for me. I love Renoise, tracking is in my blood. I am sure you can relate.

For a while I was using a bizarre arrangement where, via ReWire, I’d got Renoise and Ableton Live coupled as my composing setup, feeding into Reaper for mixing and stuff. This worked pretty well but, invariably I ended up just going back to using Ableton Live. This is because Live, for me at least, feels right and is a reasonable compromise all things considered.

Then along came Redux! Hooray I thought… But not quite. Triggering patterns via MIDI or whatever was cumbersome. It was way better with Renoise slaved to Ableton via Rewire. Then I could just set up so wherever I was in my ableton project, Renoise would shuttle no problems. So back to that.

Then Ableton Link support! Nope, this doesnt really help too much in my case.

All I really need is Renoise to slave to another DAW … transport/timeline 1:1 … but future proofed where ReWire is seemingly on the way out.

I really hoped that Redux was the answer but a phrase sampler is not the same as Renoise+Another DAW in perfect sync.

I was hoping that Renoise could be a VST3 plug … or CLAP or something that would integrate seamlessly.

Tactic once said that making Renoise a VST was problematic because of the size when saving the host project. So a Renoise instance full of samples could be quite big and this would break some VST law. It’s an interesting situation, I suppose you could limit the size of VST instances and not allow above a certain file size. I feel there might be several workarounds.

What I do know for certain is that Renoise is great and Redux is great as well, but it’s no Renoise by a long chalk. Getting Renoise into a modern workflow would seem to be a clear path for it’s future… because very few people are going to be using Renoise for scoring a film or similar project… but Renoise has so many strengths that it’s absolutely relevant in playing a part in that endeavor.

I don’t see any problem of making Renoise into a VST…CPU power have made a big jump(a 150 bucks Core I3 score 15000 on passmark)
16 Go is the standard nowaday for composing

I’m not a expert coder but vst in vst will lead to latencies…4 Milliseconds is acceptable in this case

errata:2 milliseconds is acceptable


Consider Kontakt, for example. You can load many GB of data into that and have it resident in RAM. This data is not saved into your Cubase project file size, but rather reloads into Kontakt when you load the project. I think this is possible for Renoise.

this his how all VSTs work my friend

I would like to hear from the Devs about the future of Renoise and how they think it will fit into a progressive idea of workflow.

Maybe it doesnt need to be progressive. Maybe Renoise, as an island, is enough. If you want to make tracker music then use Renoise … or don’t use it and don’t maker tracker music either. But I really hope for more, that it can become airborne and float wherever people need it to be. Renoise and the tracking paradigm really deserves to go into the future and be relevant to as many artists as possible.

The future is virtual patching like VCV rack my friend…
The technics of automation will be very complex in the future

Need a global visual feedback

Actual Daws have 5 years of latency

Oh god, please no. skeuomorphic ideas of patch cables with inputs/outputs. Lets just put all that to bed for good - we can do far better than that UXP with modern interfaces.


I have reason.point


I totally get the modular/patch-cable thought process. It does help to solidify ideas as you move forward through your sound design. However, I feel that the efficacy of this starts to unravel into chaos as things become increasingly complex.

A modern UI seeks to remove the noise from complexity and present the salient components and their relationships as simply as possible. Bitwig is pretty good at this.

But anyway, yes, Reniose as a plugin… Why ever not? @taktik I’d love to start a fruitful conversation about this.

Patching is simple…visual…intuitive

the advantage is that it take minimal memory of the brain to make complex things

Patching is indeed simple. And I think that it starts to get cumbersome when things become more complex.

Consider a mixing desk, for example. Or indeed any synth with hardwired signal paths. Then consider the modular synths … and how useful they really are for people trying to get work done.

But yeah - being able to lift the cover and get into the circuit and rewire things is all good … But personally I dont have time for this … I just want a DAW to present simple ways to perform complex things.

old fashion mixer is the professional standard…no things to change

I talk you about AUTOMATION…no audio…just parameters

You will see it 5 years later…:joy:

This developer have found an elegant solution to turn his program into a VST

I noticed that FL Studio can be loaded as a VST plugin to another DAW. This one single feature made me change my DAW of choice to FL Studio as I want to build my workflow around Renoise.

Here’s how I plan to do my workflow. I start creating a song in Renoise, and once I want to record audio, I export the tracks as audio to FL Studio and do my recordings there. Then I continue working with the song in Renoise, loading the FL Studio as a plugin and opening the FL Studio project for the audio recordings. I can rearrange everything without audio exports etc. The only problem with this work flow is that once I want to record more audio, I have to open the FL Studio as an application and not as a plugin. But for perfect and unproblematic sync I can live with that.

(FL Studio feels rather funny to me, but I guess I will get used to it)

I recommend Blue Cat Connector. It’s $40 and has replaced Rewire for me.

Streams midi or audio from one daw to another with virtually no latency. I do all my MIDI in Renoise and host the VSTs in Bitwig this way.

If they update Renoise so the Ableton Link play/stop works this combo will give pretty much everything rewire could do. Taktik said they didn’t put the play sync in because they weren’t sure if people would use it. Clearly we will!


Nice, will try that plug-in, too!

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nice sounds good, thanks for heads-up, will give it a whirl…

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