Intel Mac Version?

Everyones probably heard about the new intel Macintoshes cause they have just released a Intel Powerbook, and Intel iMac. I was wondering if the developers have been working on a intel version or when we could expect a intel version?

i didn’t do any research, so my comment hasn’t any backbone, but:

what is the point of apple changing to intel processors if intel didn’t change anything to make ALL software already available for it run on it without a hassle?

so people using macs will have to basically update almost any software they have in order to keep it working?

i know a lot of software don’t just use the mac os libraries and whatnot to work. so a lot of things are hardcoded on cpu interrupts, registers and stuff. how do they handle that?

And in case you haven’t heard…

Intel Inside. :o

When a member of the development has a new Intel Mac? Don’t expect tomorrow I guess, but a lot of software can be cross compiled with 1 click if is uses a lot of the standard libraries (don’t know about Renoise). Most (non-game) Mac apps are not “hard coded on cpu interrupts, registers and stuff”, mainly because the Mac libraries and development (including Unix) tools are a programmer’s heaven.

Older software runs under Rosetta, an PowerPC emulator. It transparently executes when a PowerPC binary is started.This also means the current Mac version of Renoise will probably run on those new Macs, however it won’t have the best performance.

seems that’s the death for the lovely PowerPC CPU’s … :(

experiences (performance) about Rosetta would be really interesting …

with a low cost x86 cpu (AMD) Apple would lose their reputation of high quality hardware. AMD builds great CPU’s but hasn’t still beaten the image of Intel. that’s it imho.

afaik there’s no need to change software drasticly for it to run perfect on these Intel macs.

Main reason they changed to Intel btw is that they build the best “mobile” processors. The pentium M and the mac version of it uses so litte energy and also stays very cool.

Maybe it is possible to run Windows on the Mac, so you could simply boot into Windows and run Renoise.

Sounds kinda dirty eh?

might be an interesting/funny read:…ml?tag=techdirt


I’m not sure about this … it’s a good OS but Vista looks ok too. if OSX will be the top OS we will hate OSX … now Windows is the top OS and we hate it.

I love Apple too - it’s high quality hardware in a good design - but i don’t like the OSX aqua-style - the bubbles & the chrome-like interface - too much graphic… and the user can’t change this … i hope this will be changed with OSX 10.5+++ a little bit

… less is sometimes more!

the future of computing will be an open-source os
(well … at least i hope so …)

The IntelMac version of Renoise is more or less finished, but only in theory, as it was never tested on a real Intel box.

So if someone of you has an Intel Mac, let us know, and we will send you a testbuild…

Renoise - ahead of the future! :D

to me the most reasonable explanation for the switch is that apple went intel because of the build-in DRM capabilities/ evilness.
After all, they make lots of money with selling movies, and in order to do the same with movies they need to show hollywood an unbreakable protection.

I work at an Apple store so when they come in I’ll send you a mail to test it!

A scary and irrefutable notion.


Could you then also test how VSTi’s work since i suspect most of them need to be recompiled in order to work without extreme slowdowns(If they work at alla since mixing architectures in one app is well, just like asking for trouble).

Personally i’m waiting for some rosetta benchmarks before even considering parting with cash.


Sure I’ll test some VST(i)'s… I expect the new machines to arrive at the beginning of next week but we’ve got no indication that they will be for sure… I’ll keep you posted.

I pre-ordered the Macbook Pro, Renoise will be the first thing I test out!

I heard that even the current versions of programs will run perfectly on the new machines under Rosetta. I’m not sure if this computer will come with “classic” though.

I heard the new chip isn’t an x86, so that’s good.


Classic is no longer with us on the Intel machines. And the chip is x86 (Dual Core) or did you mean that the chip is not a PowerPC (Risc) chip?