Interpolate Arpeggio-Command

i can’t seem to interpolate the arpeggio-command. so if i wanted to do 0010 to 00F0 for example, i put 0010 on line 1 and 00F0 on line 128, select that entire range and press Ctrl+i to interpolate. this works with the 02xx command for example, but the arpeggio does nothing? can’t be right, can it?

Not sure it works on any PPxy commands as the two numbers (x and y) are different and for many (eg 0Exy) the x and y behave in completely different ways and interpolating wouldn’t make sense, even x and y separately. With Arpeggio interpolating the two values separately makes a bit more sense I guess…

One arpeggio value is one single effect.
You have 255 possible arpeggio effects to say so.
Interpolating arpeggio’s is not exactly daily routine for the most of musicians, i find this effect even so lame, i never use it.
But that’s my humble opinion.

@vV: well, it’s either a big ass row of 00xx, or slowing your shit down to like 20bpm or something in order to even hear the effect.

@kazakore: i get what you’re getting at. how would Renoise determine which values you wanted, as different combinations are possible within a single command. still, i think it should at least allow 0001 - 00FF. but that’s my opinion, and i only use the arpeggio because of your competition ;)

so, i guess it’s not a bug, but intended behavior. would still like the arpeggio to be more considerate of higher BPMs though, but not sure how that should be implemented…

edit: for those of you running into this same problem, and with respect to my feeling the interpolation will not be implemented soon, here’s a pretty quick solution: just use a command that can be interpolated, like 02xx, interpolate that and replace the 2’s with 0’s. you’re done.

it’s definitely an intended behaviour, not a bug

It can be solved with a script if you really want interpolation.
For arpeggios running a little more smoother on higher bpm’s we definately need an arpeggio device or instrument arpeggio feature for that. Really the pattern effect command ain’t worth it. It is just an ancient inheritage from older trackers and was invented because there was no better way to have this around back then.
Today we have tons of possibilities to get this better supported.

good thought about the script, hadn’t thought of it myself. that would be possible. i might now say that i might one day build it myself, but i already know the chances of that actually becoming truth are pretty slim. so, let’s see who picks this up.

i agree with you on the arpeggio-device. the pretty cool bonus-thing would be that, with such a device, we might lose the 00xx command, and we’d have room for a new pattern effect! i’m all for this one.