Introducing The Soundevotion Competition!

Introducing the Soundevotion Competition!

A web-based tri-weekly Renoise module tracking competition.
Each round features 2 weeks of tracking followed by 1 week of voting.

Please check it out!
Sonicade :walkman:

You got a broken link there on the page on the word “Renoise”, in the sentence:
" SDCompo is a Renoise module tracking competition "

Just gotta change your HTML from:

[Renoise]( target=)  



Oops thanks for pointing that out. Link fixed. :D

Nice page. :) Looking forward to this.

Thanks! Look forward to hearing your entry! :)

Just registered, hope there’s a mailinglist as well, I suck at remembering stuff… :rolleyes:

I would like to have a mailing list available and will look into it.


Round 1 Rules have been announced. Email notifications have also been added. If notifications are opted for, users will be notified when tracking starts, voting starts and when results are online.

Sonicade :)

Simple, yet effective rules. As they should be. :)

Can’t believe the amount of questions that came with the bb4…

“Please refrain from using the Renoise Render to Sample feature”


counts me out

Reconsidered and allowed. I’m not very familiar Render to Sample and thought it might make identifying samples difficult. Since your not the first person to ask about it I have removed the rule.


Round 1 has officially begun! Entry deadline is April 7th, 2006 00:00 CST (UTC/GMT -6). :walkman:

Why is this a problem for you?

I mean, I understand perfectly that it disrupts your workflow, I’m just curious about your techniques. :)

Started tracking already, 2:19 into the track. And liking it. As usual, not my usual style. :P

Round 1 Tracking of the Soundevotion Competition has officially wrapped. What a great first round with 16 entries spanning genres as diverse as demostyle, experimental synth, circus whimsical, reggae, rock, chip, drums & bass, and more. Thank you to everyone who participated in Round 1 and we hope to see you all again in Round 2. Voting for Round 1 is still in progress, good luck to everyone.

hmm havent been on the renoise forum for a while…missed this compo…

will enter next one (even though the BB4 compo entry ended in disaster (didnt take too much time and effort in it …my fault… and the result…yeah…was what it should havebeen… almost the last… ah well better luck next time)


this was a whole lot of fun to make an entry for, and even more fun to listen to the other peoples’ entries! i’m excited to see what the results will be :dribble:

Also exited about results!! :D

Looking forward to the next samplepack!

The samplepack is ready to go! Just 4 more votes (or 3 days and 9 hours). :D

Nice job with the comments sagosen and djio, you guys nailed em all! :yeah:

so if the other 4 people voted, it would mean that voting would end early?

comeon people, vote vote vote!!!

yeah i wanted to give feedback to everybody, i think it’s beneficial to the community

can you give us any hints about the samplepack? or would that give us an unfair advantage :)

If anyone is interested, this would have been my entry. (it’s the result of 2-3 hours work, so just a quicky!) …

Since I made the samplepack I kinda felt ‘funny’ about putting in a sample pack. (even though Kenny said it was ok)

What do you guys think? Should the sample author be able to submit a tune? I don’t think it really gave me an advantage, but then again I made the samples, and then wrote a tune after I the sample pack was finalised. It didn’t really feel like I was using my own samples if you know what I mean.

I guess you could cheat by writing a tune with samples of your choice, manipulating them to suit the particular tune you’re writing. :P, but this is only a community compo! I personally support the idea of the sample author being able to submit their own tune, because it’s about the music at the end of the day.