Introducing The Soundevotion Competition!

A new Listen feature is now available on the navigation menu! Here people can stream or download links to rendered SDCompo entries for completed rounds. If you have entered SDCompo in the past, please add your own links by clicking ‘Add your rendered entry URL for Round’ on the Listen page for each round participated. This allows people who are interested in hearing your entries but aren’t able to load up Renoise to enjoy and share the music!

Nice. :) I’ve started something piratey for round 6. Hope I can finish it.

I’ll be up for this next time round. Seems like an easily useable collection of sounds in the packs, with which I would like to contibute some beats :walkman:

Looking at some of the winning songs, I realise that I’ve been a bit slack with regards to working with internal samples and using pattern commands. Using my almost redundant outboard kit for the past 10 years made me step away from all the effects that could be made using them, so I think it’s about time I got up to scratch, especially as I wouldn’t like to end up relying on VSTs alone!

Right on! I love the soundtrack to the new Pirates of the Caribbean 2 movie, it freakin rocks! Looking forward to hearing your track! :w00t:

Entering SDCompo is definitely a great way to become more familiar with Renoise. By listening to entries and seeing other people’s tracking styles you can pickup new tricks and techniques. Welcome to the compo In-Fluence! :)

Now I’ve also started on an entry. Not sure I have the time to finish it though, but we’ll see…

Fantastic, welcome to the compo Johan! :yeah:

Thanks! I’ve got something like 40 seconds so far and as usual it’s starting to completely trip out now in weird ways I can’t control :) And it doesn’t sound anything like the song I began with. I only have one or two nights left to spare, but I’ll contribute with a shortie perhaps. :yeah:

awesome! it’ll be good to see some new (old) faces :) hcys i hope to hear your tune, i really liked “mark of megan”

Thanks io. :)
(mp3 link on the SDCompo board.)

Round 6 voting has come to an end, and round 7 tracking has begun. Congrats to everyone! Round 6 featured a variety of styles, including chillout, demotunes, industrial, dub, ballad, breakcore, and more. Head on over to the site to check out the RNS files, or listen to the mp3s in the new “Listen” section, as they become available after being submitted by each artist.

The samplepack for round 7 has been assembled by Rob Williams Jr. Submission deadline for round 7 is August 26. You have 3 weeks to make some tunes!

SDCompo has officially moved to a monthly time frame (3 weeks tracking and 1 week voting). :walkman: This gives people who are too busy to finish in 2 weeks more time to participate. Everyone and every style is welcome to compete. :yeah:

Round 8 tracking has begun!

The samplepack contains a combination of drum samples and Daichi’s Synth1 VSTi v1.06. This is the first time we have featured a VSTi in the compo.

Congrats to the winners of round 7!
1st = Sonicade - ‘Fair weather’
2nd = harold - ‘3vil’
3rd = aged - ‘good night, martians’

You can check out mp3’s at the “listen” area -
or download any of the votepacks or individual RNS files to see how somebody did something.

Happy tracking!

Round 9 has officially begun. This round is has opened entry submission to multiple formats including Renoise (.RNS), Modplug/IT/FT2 (.IT, .XM, .S3M, .MOD), Psycle (.PSY), Skale (.SKM), Buzz (.BMX, .BMW), MadTracker (.MT2). Just create your login to download the samplepack and begin tracking your song!
Draw inspiration from tracking with a samplepack in a compo environment. Get valuable feedback and comments from peers on your entry.
Entry deadline for Round 9 is October 19th, 00:00 *CST (UTC/GMT -6) - Central Standard Time.

Congratulations to the winners of round 8!
1st = Mickrip - Heart or Soul
2nd = Dj_io - Calculi
3rd = Aged - Skystation Transmission :yeah:

Round 9’s samplepack is looking fairly awesome!!!

This is a very well-organised music competition with a good little community - all you renoise people need to check it out.

SDCompo was exclusively Renoise only, but commencing this round has gone multi-format. Renoise community gets a chance to kick Madtracker/Skale community arse, hehe.

Those of you old enough to drink beer, deserve no more beer if you don’t go in the compo. Those of you too young to drink beer, get automatic permission to drink beer if you enter the compo*. or the kitten dies.

*Not legally binding