Is it still possible to get the old scream filter?

I used to love the sound of this, is it still possible to use in “modern” Renoise?



Add Native Fx tool allows access to all deprecated native FX!



Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks people

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On the same subject, more or less; does anybody know if there was ever a reason given for any of the “legacy” DSPs being deprecated? Many/most of them were simply replaced, but others, like the Scream Filter, seem to have just been dropped with no direct replacement.

The fact that they are accessible is neat, simply curious as to why you have to “dig” for them. Why not just leave the Scream Filter in the stock list?

Seems like there was no point to it, since you can just modularise it with better options and flexibility.

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It’s a bummer the old ringmod is broken. It works for a while, but after a while it just phases out and cuts all sound coming from it. To get the sound back you either have to remove the ringmod and load it back in, or save thd track and reload it. This renders many of my old instruments useless. :frowning:
I think the old ringmod was actually better than the new version. It lacked the note mapping, but danoise made a formula that solves this, so it’s no real problem. It sounds a bit different and has an extra waveform.
It introduced a bit more unwanted noise, but it sounds a bit richer i think.