Is Politics Alright To Talk About Here?

I read an article online and was wondering what the Europeans on the board had to say about this. I know, at least in Michigan (the state in which I live), Muslims being apart of our community is no longer an issue (it was for a little bit after the 9-11 fiasco). The debate has in the US has turned more to what to do about illegal immigrants from Mexico and other areas of Latin America.

So, I was wondering what some of the Europeans (or members from other parts of the world) though about immigration or what some major issues are dealing with immigration in their respective countries. It is interesting to me that some people in Europe want to preserve the culturally ethnic history, whereas that is less of an issue in the US since we are mostly immigrants here. It is fascinating to me because in many institutions in the US (some news media, university courses, etc.) Europe is made out to be a bastion of forward-thinking social policy and institutional justice, and when I hear this, it challenges what some of my professors speak about.

I hope nobody take offense to anything in this post, and I apologize in advance if you do, but I just want to know more about issues like this because I feel it is an important thing to hear about first-hand.

There’s a politician called Geert Wilders, who seems to suffer from syndrom of Down, who has launched a national attack on Muslim culture in Holland… he’s trying to get the Qoran banned, banish Mosques, openly offends Muslims and gets away with it, while in the meantime, can’t take the least bit of critique… obviously the free-thinkers of our country turn him in either a laughing-stock, or openly mock him for his blatant stupidity… But the danger is that he has a scaringly big support from voters…

I love Holland for its multicultural environment, at least in the big cities, but there are a lot of confrontations and different cultures collide, causing conflicts and uncertainty, even fear among some ignorant… So immigration is a hot topic in Holland at least.

Also, Satan’s ex-wife called Rita Verdonk (Satan dumped her because she turned out to have no soul to sell) has set up such an inhuman way of handling the immigration situation, that the gorge between the different cultures in Holland has become bigger and bigger…

I consider myself somewhat of a free thinker when it comes to this subject. I’m a tolerant fellow, I don’t mind seeying Mosque’s pop up left and right, I encourage it. I don’t mind my “own” culture being pushed a bit to the background, the world is big enough for all cultures.

The only thing I expect from an immigrant, is that he/she learns the local language, because if you’re too lazy to do that, you can piss off, go fukk yourself and I don’t mind they put you in a labour camp somewhere in Siberia, so you have all the time in the world to think about WHY you didn’t bother to get INVOLVED in a country you decided you want to SPEND YOUR LIFE in.

That being sayd, it’s almost 5am and in a few hours I will probably discover that I don’t agree with half the things I just sayd and if I DO, I will regret the way I sayd them… Or conclude that I ramble too much, while I SHOULD be working these last 15 minutes.

The US likes to shift blame of all of it’s social problems onto other countries.

Gun deaths? According to the US it’s Mexico’s fault because they supply the majority of handguns to US citizens. Never mind that they’re all US made handguns that were exported by the US in order to make money off war in other countries… or the fact that if where to eliminate the public rights to own handguns, the problem would be lessened. “Only criminals would have guns” then? Why yes… that’s true. Which means the criminals are easier to spot ;) The fact is, the US brought this problem on themselves. They created a vast surplus of weaponry to sell as an export, and now the rest of the world is selling them back through the black market because they don’t want them. The US is falling under the weight of it’s own greed.

That’s just one example… I could find many more. When it comes to immigration, the US government is currently in private talks with the Canadian and Mexican governments in order to create a quite possibly totalitarian “American Union”. It would be complete with an “Amero” dollar, a massive freeway spanning from Mexico to Canada, and, unlike the EU, a certain government that would make it their mission to take over the entire union after it passes. It would also mean the US could drain Canada of the rest of their natural resources, and give the Mexican immigrant population easier passage to the more tolerant Canadian soil, thereby lessening US immigration issues. All of this will be passed without the American, Mexican, or Canadian public’s approval, because they would never agree to such a thing anyway. And do the political candidates from any of the countries in question ever touch the issue? Nope.

Yeah, I think you’re right yeaux - there’s more islam-fear around in Europe than the US, or at least people are more outspoken here.

My country is very simular to Holland in that we are historically a small sea-faring nation, good at adapting to foreign cultures, thus good at “integrating ourselves”. Romantic ideas about a “national identity” are mostly intellectual constructs of the 18. century, the hard reality is that any culture will change and adapt itself, or disappear. Also, Denmark has some politicians using the “they come to take your job and steal your daugther” way of demonizing immigrants, painting a picture of a cultural gap that can’t be bridged. These politicians (Danish Peoples Party) simply capitalize on the unspoken fear of their voters.

Funny thing is that I never meet any of the people who vote for this party. I’ve read that these people most often live in the country/small towns, and without any first-hand experience with real immigrants - and mostly familiar with the criminal or fundamentalist archetypes as portrayed by news media.

In additional, we had the muhammed cartoon crisis back in 2005, followed by a discussion of the moral limits of free speech. In my view, this amounted to a positive thing, a “wake up call” that a whole society doesn’t get very often.

as i’m english i view all foriegners and immigrants with disgust, whether they be somalian, polish, romanian, welsh, irish or from hull they take our jobs and dont even learn the language, working for nothing so they undercut all the decent hardworking english chaps and turn the country against itself -

it’s a jewish/muslim super plot to overthrow our fair isle and turn us all into a nation of communist pigs - i wouldn’t let my daughter near one and i’ve already stocked my bunker with tins of spam and whole sides of roastbeef - it’s all you liberal’s letting them in to build their anti-christian ‘churches’ and spreading fear around the country -

would 11/9 have happened if England had not relinquished its empire? - i think not…

…not my actual view of course - but one that is depressingly widespread round these parts (apart from the concern about 11/9 - they could care less about the yanks too)

imo we need immigration to increase dammit - let 25% more people into the country a year - who cares, i need a pension - the old nazi’s will die soon enough and the country will be populated by beatiful eastern european girls and boys and exotic ladies in strange dress…

politics is a strange beast - something to keep an eye on in case it turns nasty but is generally better left well alone.

hahah I’m welsh, yeah its the same here people have got stuff against Muslim people or just Asian or Afro Carribeans, it is mainly against the Muslims though there are a lot of shops here who have muslim owners and people see them as a threat on times, my mum is the same because she was brought up during the second world war she has different views on certain things the older generation don’t know exactly what racism is as it is quite a modern subject, if you look at post war areas you see that the blacks were targeted during the second world war the jews were targeted 1897 years ago chritainity was targeted during the crusades, and muslim and jews were fighting against eachother, and now muslims are being targeted because of september 11th. we can not judge just a minority of individuals on the whole culture what happened on september 11th was by a small minority and now the whole religion is criticised, same as the germans during the second world war you can not judge the whole population on the holocaust, and the russians for the cuban missle crisis, we are human beings and every single person will make judgements

Wow, I had no idea such an openly hateful person was gaining ground like that. Is he affiliated with any political party in Holland? And if so, how popular are they?

Where did you hear that bit about the US blaming Mexico for their gun control problems? A lot of non-right wing Americans realize that the US makes more guns than should be allowed in one country. I know that lax gun laws in a lot of states are a bigger part of the problem in many cities, at least on our eastern coast. For example, in North Carolina you can walk into a store and buy as many non-handguns as you want without a waiting period; there isn’t even a waiting period for this and you don’t have to register any of your information. Knowing this, a lot of inner-city thugs travel south a little bit and buy all the guns they can and take them back to the major cities on the east coast and sell them on the street and there is no way to trace them.

I know about the proposed Amero meetings. I think it would be a scary thing for the current breed of American politicians to encourage this type of merging of countries. It would just be one more step to horrible people trying to rule the world.

There is a similar type of political party here in the US. They are the evangelical conservatives. They play a huge part in backing some candidates of our Republican party, but they are almost non-existant in any area of the US that matters (my opinion). They are all a bunch of narrow-minded, overly zealous, rednecks that think they are doing god’s work by trying to limit rights of some Americans. These are the types of people that congregate in mega-churches that hold upwards of 30,000 people at a time and they think that god is taking hold of them when they pretend to speak in tongues.

Hell yeah.

Its hard not to feel a bit lonely on this issue… most people in the uk think we re being overrun by easten europeans, africans, asians and so on. It drives me mad. The people i have trouble with are racist scumbag brits who spend their lives adding neon lights and playstations to their cars, going out on the piss, watching the x factor, reading heat magazine, watching shit sketch shows where every joke is based on rubber fat suits, eating some of the shittiest food in the world, never voting and of course having a good fight every now and then.
We need cultural diluting. If the world is prepared to come and live in a rainy grey misery hole like this we should be welcoming them. That they come to do all the jobs we either dont want to or are too thick to manage should have us all jumping for joy.
Actualy it makes me wonder if we know we need them and are employing some kind of national reverse psychology. “NO!!! you cant come in!!! oh damn you got past me… grab a broom or a mop on your way in”

Haha, now it fits the states. Crazy how alike we all are in the end ;)

Various self-proclaimed Republicans I’ve chatted with online ;)

Haha, so a totally reliable source ;)

So what’s the subject of the topic ? Because we went from an american paper’s news about a french nationalist / swiss egyptian immigrant to drunked mexicans while jews were doing 9/11 ?

So to somewhat stick with the subject, yeah there is a lot of racism in europe, as much as anywhere else in the world because most of people are retarded everywhere.
Those retarded people who fail at understanding the roots of modern societies problems and only blame the consequences on the weakest communities in their country (immigrants, real subversiv writters, etc…).

It’s a perfect way to destroy any serious political and intelectual opposition, to focus on communities (immigrants/women/gay/youth/etc…), instead of social and economical groups (unemployed/poorworker/meedleclass/etc). France is the perfect exemple of that totalitarian bipartism fake democracy, where from one side you have the rightards talking to “the good french people who get up early, and dislike having their job STOLEN, also HEIL FREEMARKET” and on the other side : the leftards who are nearly the same shit but with more hyppocrisy, talking to “the poor immigrants that can’t do shit without us because we’re white and we know better and it’s our duty to help them (the worst thing is that I didn’t invent this sentence)”.

So insted of talking about the 14% of the french population who’s living under the poverty limit (less than 860 euro for a familiy), the newspapers and the mass media prefer to talk about shits like “Is france gonna turn into muslimland?” / “Are fags gays ?” / “Exclusiv : a new documentary about those Islamoterrorapist living in your neighbooroud.” / "Our president f****ed another cunt :yeah: ".

One of these days all this shit will have to change, when nationalists will start to realise that immigrants aren’t the problem but liberalism is, when “immigrant” (even if most of them are naturalized, no one consider them as if) will start realizing that they’re taken in hostage by those f****ing humanrightists.

Those human rightists who are the main reason why racism still exist and is skyrocketing, diverting the immigrants communities from the real problem that liberalism is, allowing them to only get the shittiest job avaible and parking them into ghettos where they’re own kids will have the same destiny.

Europe is leaded by a disgusting bunch of olligarchs driving at full speed right into a wall. Meanwhile India, China, and Africa are slowly but surely growing economicly.
And soon, it will be all those low minded spoiled whiteeuropeantrash who knows everything about the very world only by watching TV, who will have to immigrate to Africa, China or India, to find decent jobs, because for decades, they were too busy pissing and whinning about immigrants and others insignificants things and too busy watching tv, listening to shitty tasteless music without any political content, they were too busy being the spoiled white trash they are, instead of using their brains to fund a real political movment to change this shit.

TL;DR : LOL europe, enjoy your ultra liberalism and mass unemployment, under the mask of “yay let make the united state of the freedom world that is europe”.

Also, cocks.

I should’ve clarified… from what I gather, it’s not the US majority that blames Mexico for gun related deaths… just a certain percentage of Republicans and their supporters.

oh yeah forgot to mention dont know if its of sufficient importance but over here in the uk we have a programme called channel 4 which airs the uk show big brother and there is a whole lot of allegations about racism in the show, the whole shilpa shetty controversy and also a former black contestant being refered to as ‘nigger’ by a white person in the house may interest some of you to show you what low class people are like in britain shilpa shetty 1shilpa shetty 2emily racism

No offense but that’s totally what I was talking about. Things like that are completly insignificant, my black friends call themselves niggas, they call me white trash, etc…
Who cares about words ? There are way more importants things to discuss about racism than things like that.

Anyway, what’s a nigger? A concept invented by the slave traders, if people indentify themselves seriously as niggers and take offense by this word, then it means that they’ve become what the slave traders wanted them to be, people who felt “different” and offensed. And also, it’s just a fckin word, this debate is at the same level as when I was in catholic school “cursing kills kids, if you say poop, it means you’ll go to hell”. Baaahaawwww.

Gettho parking communities are way more important and insulting than some words, but by being more serious we can’t really make talkshow or annoying wikipedia pages about that. Where only white people will feel concerned about this.

im just trying to state that everything gets blowen out of proportion everywhere especially in the western world, all this world is concerned about is money and religion nothing else, remember the fuss about that british school teacher who went to sudan to teach children english out there and named a classroom teddy bear mohammed and she was on trial and maybe have faced the death penalty out there. everything gets blowen out of proportion in britain, in sudan, in america in any country and it will continue for generations, even ginger people get a lot of stick over here especially when your younger

Sorry, I did get off-topic a bit too, I just wanted to address the other points people brought up. I get that there is racism in the world, but I guess what made me start this thread was because I was surprised by how open and targeted it is at the Muslims there in Europe. I see similarities between European resentment of Muslims (stealing jobs, polluting culture, etc.) and the American resentment for Mexicans and other immigrant Latin Americans (stealing jobs, draining economy, diluting culture, etc.). One of the main differences I wanted to talk about was why it is so much more heated on your continent. Do you think it is because Europe has a fairly strong history of nationalist tendencies? Or is it because there are very few strong leaders for the immigrant Latin Americans in North America?

Oh yeah, I could definitely see some crazy-ass right-wingers thinking something like that.

Interesting. I think the topic is more social rather than being political. I’m looking forward to seeing if this thread leads to any conclusions…

this thread is turning into a subtle ‘my country is less racist than yrs’ contest - it’s stupid, everyone knows that snow leopards are the least zenophobic patriots to ever have lived…

everyone should be able to live where they like - if my country was any shitter, i’d move.


I don’t think the thread is turning into that kind of a contest, I think it is turning mostly into people that are voicing their frustrations with their own country as well as others.