Is there a list of what hardware supports Renoise?

Aside from desktops and laptops, what other hardware can run Renoise?

I think I’ve seen posts saying people have Renoise running on a Raspberry Pi 4.

I’m curious what other hardware (single-board computers, primarily) are known to handle Renoise (or should, based on their specs)?

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Someone made a Dslr camera run Doom - perhaps some photo cameras are capable or Renoise too. :wink:


Probably Risc-V in the future…if planets align

Tho I think, perhaps the hardware is not that of an issue - it needs and OS, that runs on that hardware, and there is enough performance headroom to play some tracks and effects.

I wonder - is it possible to make something like modern day ‘dos’ … ‘mini-os’? - single user, minimal multitasking - just enough to run one program, but run it good :wink:

From the programs pov it would look like e.g. Linux, with all the APIs etc.


There is a hardware tracker on the market,i don’t remember the name, very costly

With Linux,It’s easy to do a minimal os (for specialist)

But a one task device could be sell only to pure renoise fan

Exporting renoise to OS+Architecture is a safer choice

The Fact that Renoise is available on PI is a good thing
I think Renoise team has made a hard work to do this

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I suppose you mean the Polyend tracker or the Dirty Wave M8?

Polyend yes😉

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transforming Renoise into hardware could be very difficult…seriously

But Redux🤔
Redux is the only logical sampler on the market…In fact,The other samplers seem old compared to him

PS:multiple ouptuts for Redux VST would be perfect👌‍‍

An hardware renoise would require more than 2 ‘wheels’ for fast navigation

And changing color knobs correlated to the software

2 XY controllers

a fix 16 step pattern length

a 16 step keys + knobs on top of each key to adjust note

4 bank 16 launcher pad
Pad can act as mpc for drum programming

Easier to say than to do

The future is in hybrid touch screen control + hardware control → less costly

Sort of like Ubuntu Studio, where the settings are optimized for real-time audio, but focused entirely on running Renoise (so maybe a bare X Windows instead of a normal desktop).

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I’m mainly interested in being able to load a song onto the device, then start Renoise to play that song. And probably then interact via OSC. Being able to compose on the device isn’t a need for me.

In fact, if I could manage all of this via ssh I’d be very happy. : )

I was talking about jog/wheels that are used for video edition for example
I don’t remember the exact name for that hardware…‘shuttle’ ?

Beringher own many brands (like midas)…and has the power to reduce cost

There is a way to run Renoise as Linux session: Linux + Renoise Session Are Just Fantastic - #8 by Psalm_97

How can I run a stand-alone Renoise environment?

Renoise never needs a window or desktop environment to run. This gives you the possibility to run Renoise in a stand-alone environment. The primary advantage is that quite all the system resource are dedicated to Renoise (is that enough?).
If you are using a graphical login manager, a smart way to get a stand-alone Renoise environment is setting up a dedicated Renoise session. Prerequisites: you need a Renoise installed system-wide and you should be able to get root privileges.
Let’s start. Open you favorite editor an write the following text in it:

Comment=This session starts Renoise stand-alone

For example if Renoise is installed in /usr/local/bin the text above looks like this:

Comment=This session starts Renoise stand-alone

Save this file naming it renoise.desktop. Open a terminal and get root privileges. Copy renoise.desktop file into the xsessions directory (it is usually located in /usr/share/xsessions/).
Now, when you log into your machine you will be able to change the session to “Renoise” and run it stand-alone.