Is There Any Way To Organize This?

Is there any way to organize this??

thanx in advance…

oooh…and also the fx list?? i couldnt be bothered taking all those screenshots… :)


Why is “Quantum64” available two times?

But I agree, this list is too long. Maybe it would be an idea to take the directory-structure as some sort of order…

Maybe this way:

** VST and VSTi is stored in c:vst **  
Create sub directorys for different fx  
Instruments are stored in different directories, too  

And then renoise must behave like the Windows-Startmenu or similar… That might do it, because Renoise scans the subdirs of the VST-directory, anyway.

un-install all not frequently used vsti’s :P

:blink: - jepp, this works.

Btw: The forum removed my back-slashes. it is VST \ drumsets and similar

( un-install all not frequently used vsti’s :P )

  • i knew somebody was gonna say that ! :)

Dopefish > Quantum 64 two times? i cant see it…but keep in mind i made several screenshots to get em all…so it could overlap…although i dont spot it ! :)

btw. just the option to rename the vsti instruments would allready be nice but i’d love to make ‘maps’ alla - synths, - drums, - samplers, etc. and put the vstis inthere.


i was asking for something pretty similar one or two weeks ago:…3329d75289fc611

so yeah, it would be so nice to get some control of such a mess :)

And the replies are almost the same there. VST-Plugins organized in a “start-menu” way. :)