Folders In Vst/vsti Lists

Is there a chance to display real structure of ‘VSTPlugin’ folder in ‘Track DSPs’- ‘VSTEffects’
and in ‘VST Instruments Properties’ ?.Something like ‘Reverbs’,‘EQ’,‘Delays’,etc…

An option to group plugins in different folders would be sweet indeed.

One idea could be to include category and Company in the included CachedVsts.xml.
As an extra cool service from Renoise, your plugs will be automatically sorted into categories and company folders.


[+] Native  
[+] Routing  
[+] Meta  
[-] VST  
 - - -  
 [-] Company  
 [+] Native Instruments  
 [+] Voxengo  
 [+] Waves  
 - - -  
 [+] All Plugins  
 [+] Unsorted  

If the plug is yet not sorted in the CachedVsts.xml , you could manually do it there.
Just add category (or several categories for each plug), and company for the plugins where this information is missing.
With time the CachedVsts.xml will cover most plugins. So new users will not have to sort things from scratch.

Sounds like a very useful addition.

mentioned a few times…ic=6067&hl=…ic=5508&hl=…ic=9223&hl=…ic=3432&hl=…ic=9227&hl=…ic=6133&hl= (vsti’s too)