Jabba Dabba Done

still speaking about jabbanoising.com, we updated its content a bit.

this site could become a little resource for ReNoise contents (tutorials, tips, and so on), so if you have any ideas about what to put inside it, please drop a line here.


Hehe, cute thing IT-Alien!

Very objective, and a good answer to what Jabbanoise is.


actually not: the word “Renoise” is filtered as “Jabbanoising” so it is ok as it is now.

that’s a good idea to make an info resource about renoise. there could be own forum about trackering, art and stuff i think, and thread about reaktor would be also great :)

wow :)

wait… :rolleyes: … I see…

A complete new music community coming up. (and that for Jabbanoisers only)


here’s a list of what i can think of to put up:

  1. themes
  2. free vsti+presets
  3. keyboard configs
  4. demo songs
  5. sample packs

just these for the moment. i’ll crack my brain for more later.

I’ve added a ReNoise theme submitted by Splajn.

get it at http://jabbanoising.com and please submit yours

mmh… is there something wrong with my browser? i can’t seem to get it from the URL…

no, it’s just me being extremely stupid <_<

sorry, try again now…


a new ReNoise theme submitted by Florian Mosleh!


…and we also had another ReNoise color theme by Desimal!

go to jabbanoising.com to get it.

we’re also interested in small songs to be collected there, so feel free to mail them to add them on the site.

glad you put up the theme man, but confused why its called itunes lol :huh: its cool just curious …

I think this is a great idea It-Alien!

If you want any help building a community that supplements Renoise.com, then i would like to offer my help with design and php/html/sql the site.

Please let me know and we’ll do it. And with some coordination with the renoise gurus on what to include, it should turn out quite good for us all B)

some updates on jabbanoising.com:

a new color scheme by Dr.Drips called “Protracker” (YUMMM!! :))

and also the two XViD preview files are linked.

sorry for the delay, Dr.Drips, but I finally managed to connect to the site’s FTP :D

i knw it’s kind of sad:

but i’ve been taking the full gui demo video and watching it maximized on my computer, so that i can pretend i have the new version of renoise. how pitiful can you get? :wub:

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one


where is all musick made with jabba???

just shot a third one:


Yes, I like how the sequencer is done on the side of the screen now!
very unique and i think it will bring high efficiënce while working.

what are the light-up bits on the side of the sequence editor?