Jammin with Pads...

Im trying to get full control in renoise using Maschine Mikro, MPE tool is just perfect for that, butt have problem with launching samples…
So, for example i made 1 bank some short 1shot drums and some long pad sounds, i have set volume in envelopes to full blast, and 0 release so i got oneshot samples in instrument from start to end when im hitting a pad, set NNA, for cutting open hihats ETC drums works perfect, but when im playng drums and pads at the same time my pads sounds wrong, when NNA continiue i have that pad sound like four or more times playng over each other - crap, NNA set to cut, just pads sound right, but when kickin in the drums, drums are muting my pads, because NNA set to cut obviously :D/>/>

is there way to make them sound like pads is cutting out just other pads but drums are not effecting them? some king of groups or even multiple instruments in same pad bank??


so to me this sounds like you need individual signal routing for each instrument and it’s appropriate effects.
each track has a dedicated, potenital fx stack with it’s own “send”
that is, if each instrument is on a dedicated track …
if you happen to have a drum–machine as a plug-in in one channel, the track send would be acting as the sum bus, actually (so rather apply DSP in the drum-machine itself, if available)
anyway, check out this document: http://www.renoise.com/blog/creative-use-of-send-tracks
maybe it gives you some inspiration …

PS: you may as well re-sample each sound (either, including it’s desired DSP treatment or dry) and load each as a sample in a dedicated track …

Is it possible to set sample from one instrument to different tracks or play multiple instruments at the same time? problem is with samples layering on each other or being cut by other samples…

i guess i cant get it done with renoise, i guess i am forced to stick with vst : /

Yes, this, this is exactly what I’ve been saying in some other topics I launched, like “please make Renoise sampler get cut groups”, “fix drumkit-instrument issues”, “let’s have more advanced routing for multisample instruments (route sample to track)” etc. What VST do you use?

So you can do something like this? http://www.break.com/video/edm-meet-metal-metal-meet-edm-2448313

That, or maybe just some nicer composing workflow options
PS Maschine is the shit with this :)

dont use vst instruments on main pc, sometimes i record vst sounds with 2nd laptop midi synth thru line in.

i started to understand about routing, but still have a problem with cutups… how do i can sent individual sound to other track? i have done sending whole instrument to anoother track, but thats not giving me a lot of difference

Somehow, I don’t know for sure if the Maschine has this option, but if you can get a few pads to send MIDI notes on another channel, e.g. you have hats on pad # 3, 4, 7 and 8 you could have them send over midi channel 2
then you could set up all hats to take their input from maschine mikro, channel 2 only (in the hidden midi input section of the instrument)
I tried it a little with Nanopad 2, it’s doable, a lot of hassle tho maybe but all in all from renoise side it’s alright-ish!

i will check bit later, but right now i think i can manage pages on maschine, and set each page on a different channel, but thats basically same thing as just switching instruments, right now i got idea, maybe there is some way in renoise set different instruments, example drums on ch1 and synth on ch2 and set maschime micro in same notes/bank on both channel, and then set keyzones on both instruments on different pads, idea is to get both channels kickin with same pad but assign keyzones on different pads


Isn’t that exactly what you just say you know you can do above??? Instrument Settings → MIDI Input has options to select MIDI Device, Channel and tie it to a Track if desired (so it can always play through the same effects or be recorded in the right place, even with multiple inputs at once.)

Why are you now going on about keyzones??

But if you output a single channel and want different notes going to different instruments it’s not really possible. Well kinda but not really… You can leave blank spaces in the keyzone map and you wont get any sound played when you trigger these but they will still be recorded into the pattern editor, and still interrupt the playing sound and activate you NNA mode (assuming there is no preceding Note Off or the sound hasn’t finished.)

So it really dont matter about NNA in different instruments, it will cut each other because they will be played on a single track anyway? :huh:

Well I was assuming you would assign them to different tracks as you would likely want them recorded in different tracks or played with different effects… But to answer your questions: Yes; any instrument will trigger the NNA action.

I tried to assign instrument to a track, but it is recording in a same track where the cursor is.
im looking for any option to make a pad kit where 3 or whatever samples cutting each other but they would not be cut with drums.
long samples cutting other long samples but short oneshots would not cut long samples. i had spent pretty much time with making ideas how to, but i guess the only way is VST anyway, maybe just save xrni then unzip it when kit is ready and map it thru vst, and then my samples will be somewhere around my kitchen studio pc and i will not be able to take my drumkits to my laptop for live wankery or jams :blink:

thats why i love xrns/xrni so much that i can carry any of my instruments or whatever even on flash drive there allways will be backups and i can carry or just send them to anybody and everything works perfect

If you are recording from MIDI input then you must have done something wrong…

Yeah this is kinda why I initially had a play, or to see how hard it would be to live record drums into the pattern with sounds in different tracks. I ended up setting each pad I wanted a different Mute Group (to use the MPC name) to a different MIDI Channel as my controller allowed that (the QuNeo if you’re interested.)

Trying to think now whether the same MIDI device and Channel can be set to more than one Instrument now. I think it can… But maybe there’s a Renoise Bug in this part which is then sending all Instrument data to the same Track. I have nothing to test with here to try and see what is going on or confirm it works how I expect/remember. But as I said all the empty notes will still be recorded! So you will have lots of junk data in your pattern, say you had four different instruments each with some of the pads assigned to it, every one of those four tracks should have the note recorded each time you hit a pad. Just some of them will be triggering an unused Keyzone. I’m 99% this worked fine for me before I switched to the different Channel method so surprised to hear this isn’t what you’re experiencing.

EDIT: Just re-read the bit I quoted from you. To do that for when playing live the only way to achieve it will be using different Channels. As I said, all the note data still gets sent to every track with an instrument, for that instrument, and notes will trigger the NNA action even if there is no sample associated with the note. But recording should work. And then really a Tool needs to be created to tidy up the patterns automatically for you afterwards! ;)/>

If you have your midi controller defined in both Master midi in configuration in the preferences and also assign it to an instrument, the master midi in will be leading.

Regarding NNA and samples that are cut:there is a limit of 6 simultaneous samples per note-column, so if 6 samples are playing and another one is triggered in the same note-column, the older samples get cut.
This problem specially gets visible when you layer multiple samples underneath the same key. (tools like Awesome Saws perfectly demonstrates that limit)

YEP :drummer:
it works i set my pads into 4 channels with 4 instruments 1st group drums 2nd group pads blah blah works perfecto pads cutting each other and not interrupted by drums playing at the same time i could even switch pad banks and from bank A going to bank B i set new midi channel and when i switch i got same pads but with different drum kit or same drum kit but in different channel and different FX :dribble:
with record junk data AKA blank notes is not appering also.
when i made each instrument on a different track but only using 1 midi channel it was interrupting each other anyway - maybe because of blank notes, but instruments was on different tracks… dunno

but there is one big BUTT, when i start new project i need to keep same instrument and channels layout or manually reset all channels in every bank, its still pain in the ass so fuck it i slap myself in the face and will search another way, maybe someday i will get lucky : D

anyway HUUUGE thanks for a help!!! i just dont need invent another bicycle, drumpad is for drumming LOL samples i can assign on my LPK25 on a different channel to play :D instruments at the same time or give it to someone to make ultimate supermega live JAM! :panic:

If you arranged your midi channels and track assignments for a new project before adding any note-data, save the song as your template, it will automatically all be set and reloaded for you when you start a new song.
If you rather using a different set of startup options in your template song, then simply manually save your blank song as your midi project template, and manually load it as your new project. Only risk with the latter is that you should watch out for overwriting it with one that has song-data in it (ctrl+s).

STILL for differend sound i need to set up my controller pad banks and pads to a different channels, for exapmple i made a song with 2 banks using 4 midi channels, when i start a new song i need to set up controller again for right sound on right pad, but when i do that the 1st project wont work correctly, it means i need to create new controller template for each song and by doing that every time, my beard will grow up so long that it will make roots in to my toenails -_-

Hi Duck Cunt! happy to hear you are enjoying the MPE tool. Just curious as to why you’re not using maschine software and renoise instead? Personaly renoise is my preference because it so flexible!

looks like you have sorted the problem but I will put a link here for reference since its something that concerned me also…

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[When a Bug isnt a Bug NNA - Discussion](http://forum.renoise.com/index.php?/topic/34156-nobug-nna-cut-mode-plays-as-nna-continue/page p 266758 fromsearch 1#entry266758)