Jesus On E's! Joes10.mod. Who Wants To Rmx?

I have just got all the Jesus On E’s .mod files.

JOES10.mod is wicked. Anyone fancy remixing it/beefing it up with me? Mini-collab thing.

Let me know and I will email the .mod if you dont have it already.

for sure
looove that stuff man

host them somewhere and give a link

Coolio. I have spent some time opening out the track I have chosen (Track 10). I have expanded the whole song to speed 3 and opened out all the tracks so each sound is on its own strip instead of bunched into 4 tracks.

I have replaced the Kick with a decent 32bit one and eq’d a lot of it.

I will upload the file and out a link on here for anyone who wants to continue.

I wanted to do the whole Jesus on E’s track list but there are 13 mods plus an outro (i think) so this is a pretty big task. Maybe if we all work on it together we can do it!

Could be a fun project.

I wanted to remix them a long time ago, but never really found the time or inspiration to start…still got a few mods rarred here:…us%20on%20e.rar

Don’t think I’ll work on the project.



it’s like a flashback to the first ever house tunes i heard !!! songs like plastic dreams, boy in the jungle, donuts with buddha, my name is house, dominator, all come to mind.

who is this guy ??! wooohoooo… i want in !!! pls.


sorry for the over reacting reply. but man !!! woooooooooooooooooooooooooooh this feels like the jackpot to me. i’m heaving a mini rave here.

and how the hell can those files be so small ??


The guy went by the name of Echo. He is English and is still working in computers as far as I know.

By my calculations he made Jesus On E’s music when he was about 16!!

You can get all the mods off his site…

There is a load of other stuff he did under the name Echo on there too.

The files are small because they are only 4 tracks each with repeated patterns and only a few samples. The genuis is in the coding in the tracks to make it seem like there are a load of different samples and external effects.

I will upload what I have done later, so anyone can join in the fun!

Even with the extra samples, and opening out the tracks like i have done, the xrns files are still tiny.

There is so much potential for making something heavy with this stuff. The melodies and samples are great, and once they are combined with some heavy new style techniques it is going to be banging.

nice werk man … so project is already in motion ey

Yeah I reckon it is rolling. I am working on track 10, and there are tracks from…


so please take which track you like and sort it out. there is a lot of work to be done on any track you choose, so please make it as good as you can. MO is… make it f****ing jacking, dont change anything musically and dont add a load of glitch bollocks, just make the sounds heavy and make the good.

another point… when you hear the beats come in and there is a load of distortion, this is obviously Echo wanting to have sub bass, but the 4 tracks on the amiga wouldnt allow this to be done clean.

I think for these parts, high pass the bass sounds (or replace them if you are up to the job) and put a sub sine wave underneath. Try to get the key right of course.

Can i try to remix those tracks??

Like breakcore stuff and such… :P

Do what you want mate, they are not my songs.

Get them at

I heard them. Yeah they are pretty nice. Also give me a prospective on doing delays and stuff in trackers. Nice. Yeah I’ll be up for a collab if you are still offering.

feels like a crash course into tracking… wow.

deep lard seven track is awesome !! it even has those das boot voices that made me wanna make music. :)…_Lard_Seven.mod

Yeah of course adrian.

Hey I tried to call you over the weekend, but your phone had an error message. Have you still got the same number as before?

Yeah my phone is crazy like that bro. I still have the same number. haha, i lost the back plate to it though, so it’s just the expose battery there now. It really sucks when it rains. I have to be extra careful. Can’t be arsed to buy a new one. I’m just too lazy :P. I’m here at work all day today, so hit me up via email if ya like. You busy this weekend? I’m going to Unit on the 24th. What are you up to?

haha! I have done EXACTLY the same thing with my phone. It has been like it for over a year now (lost it whilst pissed I reckon) and it still works alright, so Im not bothered.

What going on at Unit on the 24th?

Oh yeah. Hospitality

Yeah bro. that’s it. You going? if so we can meet up or I’ll see you there. Also need to do a renoise session one of these days. haha, keep saying it but one of us is always busy haha.

Just sent you a txt msg bad boy…


I have f****ing had enough of file upload sites, so anyone who wants to join in the remix fun, give me your email address and I will email the file straight to you.

As many have asked here for a download link to the Echo’s Jesus on E’s MOD tracks, I put the links for downloading the tracks here. The links refer to Echo’s site (SPOONWIZARD.COM) directly. :)

Jesus on E’s #00 download
Jesus on E’s #01 download
Jesus on E’s #02 download
Jesus on E’s #03 download
Jesus on E’s #04 download
Jesus on E’s #05 download
Jesus on E’s #06 download
Jesus on E’s #07 download
Jesus on E’s #08 download
Jesus on E’s #09 download
Jesus on E’s #10 download
Jesus on E’s #11 download
Jesus on E’s #12 download
Jesus on E’s #13 download
Jesus on E’s Ending download

I think I’ve made things easy for dear wormjar now ;)

Haha, you are a good man!

Yeah thanks mate, appreciate it. Trying to access ANY upload site from Japan through a free apartment block internet connection with a shitty apartment branded server box is never going to be fun.

So there is it peeps. mash up massive do what you you want to this, I am not really wanting any real deviation. Anyone who is into rejigging all this in its original form get in touch and we will do it together… This complete would be wicked redone with modern sound quality.

I am thinking that the drums could be completely replaced (even the breaks if anyone has access to the same ones??) and the synth sound maybe copied, or at least process and eq’d to make them sexy.