Jump To Track?

I’d find it really useful to have either a keyboard shortcut or MIDI button that would jump to a designated track -
Like assigning 8 MIDI buttons that would jump from tracks 1-8, or assigning the numpad for the same function. Or both!
Is this possible at all? Perhaps through scripting?

You can easily do this with Duplex, if your midicontroller hasn’t already a template, you can make one yourself easily, as Duplex uses XML templates where you can program the CC messages to buttons that you also can program / create in there.

Never got into Renoise scripting before but this seems quite a simple task to start with.
However this guide is still quite intimidating:

Is there anything more elemntary I could start with?

Well, Sato’s explanation is the most elementary setup that you can have in Duplex.
A basic example is provided in the PDF that Sato also provided in his explanation.
He has added a package file for his R-Control example in his documentation with all the required files that he is describing, you could perhaps remove a couple of controls from within the controlmap file and try to continue from there.

Cool, thanks man, thought that mght be the case.
Will just have to get my hands dirty and see how it goes!