Just brainstorming here: Help me out, can Renoise Instr design IR'

So, now we have a way to load impulse responses into Renoise DSP Convolver. Except, how can we use Renoise to design our own impulse responses? Is that beyond the scope of the software?

It seems like maybe the Renoise Instrument can do this somehow?

I don’t know much about IR’s…


You can’t do this in Renoise. At least not with native Renoise tools. But here’s a little tutorial, how to do it. I don’t know, if the Voxengo-thing still works for free, like described there. Was also going to check that out and learn how to do IRs, but hadn’t found time yet. Let us know, how it turned out… ;)

I agree. This seems like a missed opportunity. Being only able to select samples from the disk is a premature limitation given Renoise is purely sample based. Being able to select IRs in the Convolve DSP device from the currently loaded sample pool seems to be a very elegant solution. Of course, this could be one of a few sources, including the disk.

Here is another good guide. Shows the connection between the IR, the input, and the output.

Not entirely clear what you want to do here.
Are you suggesting that renoise should be able to generate an IR on the fly?

If not, you just make your sound with renoise, render it as a sample and load it as an IR.

I’m for having the IR only be selectable from the sample pool.

Not only is it an elegant solution to manipulate the IR within Renoise. But it’s also good for self containment. No need to keep the original in the same place.