Kaizoku - Guitar Hero Ep

I’m whorin’ myself anyway! We released a 3 track EP on MWM-Recordings as Kaizoku, two of which I made using 100% Renoise, namely Something in the Blood and Hyperdrive, which by the way also won our local Mutant Breaks Competition #3 by a dice throw!
Holy poop!

This EP is a showcase of our angry, gritty, filthy dubstep designed to wreak havoc on a dancefloor, with breakbeat and drum&bass influences. If you like this sort of thing, please support us with your cold hard cash and buy this bitch like a boss. Or listen it for free on our Soundcloud page.

Kaizoku - Guitar Hero EP

Thank you for your time, gentlemen!
Music loves you!

Amazing stuff.

Congratulations on the release.

hey jordy, nice release. this one is professional mastered ?
very great quality :)

Congrats met de release mate! Die guitar hero track is gruwelijk! :)

Many many thanks for your support, guys :D

Yeah, these tracks are professionally mastered, though the tracks on Soundcloud aren’t. Again, thanks!

some of the greatest dubstep tracks i’ve heard! where are samples in “something in the blood” coming from? they create incredible atmosphere in this track!

Many many thanks elfh :D I made the sounds using Reaktor 5, I used the OkiComputer ensemble I think… then rendered to sample and used 09XX to stretch the sound.

i never tried this ensemble, but according to description it doesn’t produce speech, i was talking about voice samples in my previous post :)

Aaah, excusez-moi, I thought you were referring the atmospheric sounds. :) The vocal comes from the movie ‘28 Days Later’.