Mutant Breaks #3


The competition is over. 12 great tracks were submitted. BOTB won the dice throw.

Download the songs (thanks to kazakore for hosting):


Gotta get one in before 2010 is over, to keep it a yearly thing, so imma try something different this time.

No judges, no hype, no useful information.

Theme: Semantic Judgelessness
Rules: One entry per contestant
Deadline: November 1st, 2010
Genres: Electro / Bassline / Breakbeats / Jungle / Drum & Bass / IDM / Breakcore / Dubstep / Experimental / Noise

What is Mutant Breaks?
@see: Mutant Breaks Competition

The winner will receive a Renoise license or Renoise upgrade, paid by me.

The winner will be determined by me rolling dice while taking a sauna in Finland. I’m booking my ticket to Finland just to roll these dice, so make it good!

40 is the new 90’s.

Oh man, I may just have to do something again for this. Very exciting.

Yay, gonna try!

Let’s see if I can send subliminal messages to the contest by posting obscure 90’s music:

Put acid in your rude boy.

Fuck, I’m old and have tears in my eyes…

Last one:

Can one enter with an older release? Made in March 2010. Otherwise I’ll hafta start a new track.

Props for the sauna action, best thing ever.

Do you want .xrns’s like previous compo, mp3’s in what bitrate, should it be a ‘silent’ submission, meaning no spamming before the deadline? Post some pics of hot Fininsh chicks please.

I’ll let your conscience be your judge here. I prefer new tracks since this compo is about fun and trying out new ideas, but it’s not a rule.

XRNS files appreciated, not obligatory though. The rules from contest #2 apply. Must have involved Renoise somehow. I use the honour system to verify that claim.

A bit-rate that doesn’t suck.

Spamming the thread is fine. I encourage it. If you need my email because you’d rather keep it under wraps, it’s “dac dot chartrand at gmail superdot com”.

hex enthousiast reporting in!

i hate the limitations of no rules… B)

happy sauna time

Name of song: Un… re…er…dis…re… Gah! I give up! :P (hint)

Made a track, not that good, not really bad either :)

I’m afraid I won’t be able to join that one… I’m way too busy :(

However, nothing stops me from spamming this link on facebook!

Experimental music? I’ll give a try. I’m right in Conner_Bw!

Sounds great to me.

Roll of the dice? Seriously? I might just submit an obscure b-side that doesn’t deserve to be on my album for the hell of it… or perhaps some gay trance.

Cheerios! Have heard it to many times I guess ;)

i made one! it gets better a little less than half way i think. give me some honest feedback if you can!