Keith303 - Devil In Disguise

just noticed i didn’t mention my little release at this year’s evoke.
i dont release much these days, so here it is even though it’s not that brand new anymore (written in 2007).
fortunately music knows no expiry date. ;)
or mp3 download from | mirrors

You should release more though. Your music is beyond this world. :P

gimme some inspiration to arrange the countless 1-4 pattern sketches and i’ll insta-flood the internet with like 15 albums ;)
thanks suva!

+1, love the beat:-)

Your production choices after those pattern sketches is admirable.

I’m still in the process of weeding out my preferred sonic tools after structures and everything else in the non audible realm.

you should just hook up with a partner in crime who likes to arrange, mix and master stuff. (=

i’m a fan, keep it coming!

What a bassline! Magnificent as usual.

problem always has been that i’m using quite a bunch of commercial plugins and am not really using them in small amounts… makes it pretty impossible to cooperate with somebody who doesn’t have a fast quadcore and/or at least the same plugin arsenal.
hence, renoise should definately have some native instruments made by native instruments ;)

thx for commenting everyone!

I just hope you’ll never pull a “kaneel” on us :) .

Start a tracker band! (maybe i should shut up about this…)

That means we have to enter the talks with NI… We were trying to avoid this, but seems there is no other way. :(

Wicked stuff mate.

I have been away from the music stuff for ages, but I am back now, and well up for some action.

Enjoyed that greatly!

the only thing i hope to quit any time soon, is smoking :)

great, long time overdue ! :>

what do you mean, you’ve been “away from the music stuff” ?
neither listening nor making anything?

that’s true bummer even if only one of the above is true.
hope you’ll find your way back on track asap - life is too short to spend your time with more reasonable things than tracking ;)

Wha this beat really rocks, angry garage is it(?), easy the best thing i heard to come out of renoise yet :lol:

I remember really some time ago downloading ur tracks from modarchive( u and i think it was rag00n and dj zip made me want to make techno music… :D ), real nice to see u still use tracker :)

Also wanted to say that demo track with renoise u made really gives great inspiration(and also great track in its own, dont get me wrong…), som nice tricks seen there ^_^

thanks weeble!
dunno if it’s garage or not, but i’m sure it’s settled somewhere in the “breabeat” genre, but afterall that doesn’t really matter anyway.
never heard about rag00n and dj zip though… regarding technomusic and trackers groups like “rohformat” and “traxx” and ofc also “radical rhythms” come to mind.

i think that’ll never change for me. after using ableton live for dj-mixing purposes alot throughout the last years, i recently tried using it as a sequencer as well and failed miserably ;)

Yes i think its a tracker thing, use a normal sequencers after working so fast, it’s frustrating :lol:
Never stuck with it, too lazey i guess, and now no need to because of renoise, it is really the best…and i didnt try the newest version even yet :D
But i think u will succeed with ableton if u keep with it, talent doesnt hide in the program…It will show after getting used to it for sure…i would think ^_^

Only know radical rythms…
Also listened alot of cosmic, myrone then… totally forgot this…just checked they are still there on :)


Congrats on getting on Remixta!

Brilliant stuff! How did I miss this?!

sounds really nice dude!

i am really wondering how you pulled of the triplet style melody starting after about a minute into the track…

don’t mean the sounds but just how you jotted down the triplet pattern… i you feel like sharing or opening up that would be very much apreciated!

i guess you’re talking about the distorted hookline introduced around the 1min mark?
it was done by a volume envelope with a little spike (highlighted) to emulate the shuffle-rhythm.