Keith303 - Myanmar

so here’s my entry for the mp3/ogg competition at evoke2007.
it’s pretty much drum&bass.
the vocals originate from a three second indian chanting snipped which is totally copyrightless and got alienated to the max. ;)
as the party crowd didn’t seem to enjoy this very much, maybe you or somebody else can.

This rocks and you know it! Interesting and psychedelic vibes. When is the full-length version gonna be available? :D

PS. I just noticed that the dates in the ID3 tags all say 2008 instead of 2007.


That one was actually my most favorite in the whole compo (once again o_0). Can’t believe my predicition was all the way wrong, since this track is really genious.

This I like, very cool song indeed.

thanks the the up cheering, guys!

not sure about the when - but at least it’s very probable that i’ll come back to this any time soon.

mhh, maybe i thought this was a good way to keep the whole thing fresh a bit longer?! ;)

f**** yeah! :drummer:
This is where it be ninja! Love the buzzy synths and the vocals give it majesty. yes, majesty!

I honestly like to hear it. The more often I hear it, the more details I begin to enjoy. The vocals are mystical and melodic at the beginning and there is a nice chord progression after the middle part and the leads add a perfect atmosphere to this song’s style while I belive that it’s hard to hit the correct mood in such songs.
Song will be kept and used as a healthy dosis here :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind an extended version either! B)

BTW, does anybody know what he is actually saying in his chant? Is it Burmese? Just to be on the safe side whenever I’m going to cross the border to Myanmar;walking around having the volume at 11. ;)

Ahh drum&bass… sometimes it gives me the total chill :)
Listen to it alott some years back. To me the peak of drum&bass
area back then was photeks “form&function” and “modus operandi.”
Since then i havent followed up my drum&bass interest.

So in other words keith303 you have awakened something deep inside me !
Just burned a cd of some renoise songs and this one is gonna get on heavy rotation:) thanks and brilliant tune. 7th place only ? i need to check out the rest :)

  1. proper link please
    anyway… "6th place at evoke07 :(" what is the frowny face about? isn’t music making fun anymore? :\ servers are down. (temporarily i guess).
alternatively, it can be downloaded here.

it puzzles me a bit that you ask such questions.
but let my try to clarify: i am human and therefore am sensible to emotions of any kind, which is quite normal for a human being (i think).
so when i invest my love, passion and time into something which i feel positive about and get feedback of a kind which was unexpected, i tend to feel disappointed.
the frown expresses this disappointment.
if that makes me a weak or bad person which has lost “the spirit” or whatever you might be trying to allude to - so be it.

yes! gives me a rush. incredibly creative parts all sewn together. the filter explosion gets me every time.