4 Saws - Evoke Tiny Music Entry

Helloooo :)

I thought I could waste your time with my little tiny music entry for evoke 2007.
It made the 7th place of 10 entries but if you’re into cheesy Melodic Trance generated with four saw waves, maybe you would download 25.3 kilobytes and tell me what you think.
Btw: Big thanks to keith for helping me with the final eq-ing at the party!

Oh, since I could have bumped away some better threads, don’t forget to check out:




Don’t admit that! You need to stay k0r3! I should make a hardcore track to fix this :)

big thankies :)

gilli, i’ve been really surprised how well it sounded on the PA.
it almost sounded like some VSTi only track as i imagine.
this one is really a good effort, especially considering what sample sources you limited yourself to - but unfortunately that’s something which none of the voters kept im mind i suppose…
same goes for the awesome 23 (!) kbytes of size.
you’re the farbrausch of the trackingscene :P

I actually like the song itself (melody), I just think it’s sounds a bit… thin? Dunno, but that’s not meant as criticism considering it is just saws and internal fx. Congrats on the drums heh!!

heh, I hope my ass raping for your own uncertainty about your tune payed also off. :)
Seriously, already when I heared only the first pattern of the tune while you just started off to make it, it was totally blowing. And really: probs on the filesize and the 4 saws! =)

I love you guys! A thousand times and more!

kaneel - once kore, always kore. There’s no way out! :)

keith - no, you’re the fr! Actually not even comparable when I hear how many details you put in your songs, like in myanmar!

Johann - man! Long time no see! Thanks for all and good to see you here!

ptrance - Bet you kick me a thousand times with your 96k dnb song!

and to all: whoops, I think I have cheated about 2 kb. Dunno how I had 23kb in mind. Now that I checked once again, it’s 25,3 kb, so I’m gonna fix this info. Sorry.

Sorry dude, you must be mistaking me for Johan?

Not my my genre, but I would get up and dance for this one.
Amazing what some people can do with so little.

It should have been longer, though. To make room for more dancing.

as I already said at the party, just the fact that you managed to get a drumset out of a saw-wave (!) is really cool. And the song itself is great too, so stop putting your licht untern hocker.

Damn it! I want to dance, I don’t care about the size!
I was just responding to the song, and since the compo is over now, he could make it longer, non?

Brilliant job is done with 4 saws! They are wielded magically. The size is surprizing! Thanks for sharing the source Gilli, the composition is also tasty. Can be an excellent tutorial song for Renoise.

That’s just too nice! Thanks again, gnute! But as kaneel noted correctly in the other thread, I need to get some sleep first. :)

Ashkan-jan, besiaar sepaasgozaaram! (in English: thanks a lot, my dear Ashkan! )

In harfe del bood, baa’ese eftekhare mane ke yek dooste Irani va naabeghe dar inja daaram. :)
(In English: It came from the heart, it’s my honor to have a genius Iranian friend here.)

BTW, is your tiny song hosted as OGG/MP3 any where on the net?

sounds better than many trance songs around :rolleyes:

And that from the korest of us. :)
Ittyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Biiiiiiiiig thanks and good to see you here!

@Looza: Sorry, I missed this post. Thank you very much, mate - It was really awesome to meet you at Evoke and I’m eager to get your I Spy song.
re-edit: now we can get the entries from ftp://ftp.de.scene.org/pub/parties/2007/evoke07/