Keith303 Remix Contest

i wouldn’t stress that much over or penalize unoriginal samples since people can be really really REALLY creative with them

You could also have linked to the SDC samplepacks themselves.
Folks would have some more samples to play with if they want.
Ofcourse, i love the xrns examples for the mixing techniques.

The competition officially starts on 1st of June, and ends on 1st of July

i did remix already :< (deep\spacey effects edit for more midnight sound on 3 days until yesterday)

don’t care that this wont get into compo

@Khades: yes, but -

To join, simply publish your remix as a .xrns download in this thread during the competition period

Since you provided a soundcloud link, you’ve not disqualified yourself :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for the xrnses! will be fun to dissect those since i’ve listened to most of these tracks before.


Bump the thread in case you are working on something - personally, I’m Evaluating My Life

for me, it’s just 3 days until yesterday.

I want to try this out, I think I´m getting a Steambath tonight ;)

Start yer engines, crank up the the volume!!!

Here’s my contribution: evaluate_your_life_(danoise_reduction_edit).xrns

(I used Stardust on the master track, but you can hear it without that plugin too…)

@Danoise, that one was pretty excelent, I am defenetly shifting to an higher gear now :panic:

Awsome !

@danoise: cool remix! inspirational work, i’m gonna go work on mine right now.

Thanks !! Same track, different track

I just have no idea what i could add to the track, it’s not like it needs my surgical procedures.

ok, here it is.

[sdc16_keith303_-3_days_until_yesterday(rhowaldt’s remix).xrns](

i listened to it just 5 mins before, and it sounded great to me, so i declared it finished. i have to insert a “i’m pretty stoned” disclaimer here.

Hey, nice one rhowaldt! I like the spooky thing in the background when the theme is introduced (those high-pitches sounds are great).

Really is the only way to finish something, ever.

@danoise: thanks man, appreciate it.

Here’s an exotic-techy remix of keith303’s jitter
Again I’m using stardust on the master output (it really is nice for putting a final touch to a mix)

FINAL MIX : keith303_jitter_(danoise_remix)

Edit : fixed first version,removed a REALLY loud bass in the middle part
Edit : final version? contains some nice touches like field recorded ambience from berlin hbf.
Edit: final mix, replacing link on soundcloud

@danoise: hahaha great way of using that one out of its context. great original context too, by the way, insanely good movie. wondering when everyone else will start submitting their remix… i might do another one, but first i have to finish my Dead Dog Round 15 remix before Thursday :)

I guess we’re talking bullshit if we try to guess something about the final number of remixes - we might need a price, does someone have (access to) a vinyl cutter?