Keith303 - troubled waterbellies from below sealevel (OSC#136)

made for OSC#136 (Odin2 VST)

14x Odin2
9x Renoise Analog Filter
4x Renoise Digital Filter
14x Renoise EQ 10
8x Renoise MultiTap Delay
3x Valhalla Supermassive
4x Epicverb
1x Smartelectronix Ambience
3x Xfer OTT
4x TDR Kotelnikov
1x Loudmax
1x Voxengo SPAN


Massive. I would love to see the renoise setup and song structure.

The intro is totally sick and great. The track is great too, but I enjoyed the intro more.

The sounds are awesome. Did you make every sound by yourself?

How did you use Odin2 VST3 within Renoise?

thanks for taking the listen guys.

understandable… intro and actual song are pretty detached from each other mood-wise.

yes. this synth, or at least the current beta, does not come with any presets.

you can wrap it, see this post/thread for details:

There where some presets posted on kvr. I really like that sound and the sounds you made sounds gorgeous. Hope it will not be too expensive after the beta in case it’s not for free.

Lovely, i’m lost on it like a daydreamer :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing.

Very pleasant track and i agree with the opening its so good

Always impressed by your productions man. The sound design is fantastic. You manage to keep things evolving but in very subtle ways. And creating percussion with that much rhythm and feeling is super impressive.

I for one enjoy the melodic hook AND the intro :joy:

It’s got a nice joyful melancholy to it.