I hope discussions about drugs aren’t against the ethics of this place. Wanting to know the how widespread the abuse is outside of the free party circuit but still within the music scene. I know KVR would of been a wider audience but I rarely go there and feel many of you are more my peers.

The reason for posting this will probably be made clear in a few weeks if we’re lucky, if not maybe sooner assuming the agreement of all parties involved.

Personally I would put myself in the most weekends category, although that’s not really true, it’s less often than that, especially when it hasn’t been so regularly available like the last few months. Normally every two weeks to a month, occasionally more often and the odd binge like European Teknivals, where I’m often with people who do far too much of the stuff.

Ketamine has got to be one of the few exceptions I wouldn’t touch with a ten feet pole. IF you ever hear of someone dying from an overdose, it’s almost always ketamine. What’s wrong with some good ol’ X or M? :(

I don’t do anything anymore, and I have never tried it.

I had friends or acquaintances who broke into veterinarian clinics to score sometime in the 90’s, but I was never around. Was never certain what the idea of it was.
Once it got popular, I was really far away from it & everyone who did it.

A couple years ago, I happened upon some interesting information about it, and ever since I’ve kind of wanted to try it, but am just not really interested in seeking it out.

That is complete BS mate!!! There’s a reason it is used to anaesthetise children. It’s the long term effects you have to worry about!


I’m curious what this is about though.
Seems interesting.

used to do it, but stopped…for the same reason that this thread should be called Regretamine.

See the edited post with quote and link above.

Moss. I see you’re London too. Regretamine is a very common name around these parts, and most the UK party scene, to be honest.

Oh really? Explain how it killed two mates at highschool when we were sixteen and innocent. For the record tho, I wasn’t saying that taking it could insta-kill you, but it’s supposedly hard to keep track of how much you take once you start flapping your limbs, drooling over people about how good you feel. ;) And probably it’s lethal in combination with other stuff? Here you often see ketamine mixed with amphetamine.

Hmm just noticed I lied in the first post. Or is it just because I started the Poll I can see who voted what? If not is it possible to make it anonymous for people who don’t want to admit what they’ve voted?

BotB: Again read the link, Ketamine on itself is very hard to overdose on. What you can do it put yourself in such a state you collapse and die from exposure, drowning or other adverse affects.

Most deaths from drugs will likely be heroin (discounting alcohol.)

As to combination with other drugs, that’s always going to be a worry. Also people can have an allergic reaction to anything.

Care to expand on how your two friends died?

wow, now I feel alone, as I never even smoked a cigarette :unsure:

You need another option for “Haven’t tried it, but would like to”

Just for you ;)

LOL, Ketamin is normally used to take down bulls in the slaughterhouse or calm people down who ripped half their body off in a car accident so they can die in peace. Why anyone would take it “recreationally” is honestly beyond me. :D

I’ll stick to beer and the occasional weed, my life is great without other drugs.

PS: Add “never tried it and will never do” :)

Well, if the drug you take makes you jump in front of the train, ofcourse it’s the train that kills you, but is it so wrong to also say the drugs killed you? Totally different discussion, sorry… :)

I’ve never done ketamine, so I wouldn’t know in what set of mind you are. As for how they died, there are ofcourse always multiple stories, but the first one went to bed after some illegal party and never woke up (yes, I agree you shouldn’t be there when you’re 16, but it’s just the kinda school I went to: taking drugs was almost considered ‘normal’) and the second one came home braindamaged (he was never able to fall asleep again, massive attention disorder and schizo like fuck… basically, he became a totally different person overnight) and died about six months later. Maybe my statement was harsh, because it made a major impact on my life and I’m kinda scared of K because of it.

I got sick of it, it made my skin pastelly, gave me a headache, and blocked my nose up…that + feeling like i was pissed in sum time space vortex didnt do it for me anymore…one last night of binge and i pulled the plug.
It’s like walking around with binoculars on the wrong way round…
If you want to trip, just take a tab of LSD, it’s alot less fucked up.

Both total lies. It is used on nearly all animals as it has less side-effects than nearly any other anaesthetic (in the short term usage at least.) It is used
for children in human hospital for the same reason, and old people they are worried about slipping too far under to give a general anaesthetic. So in short it is used in exactly the opposite situations than you stipulate.

BotB: That is sad, although to be honest doesn’t sound much like ketamine as it is a drug with a fair amount of research done into short term usage (they wouldn’t use it in paediatric wards otherwise.) Sounds more like stories you hear from mixing GHB and Alcohol than Ketamine. Or something badly synthesised in a back street laboratory.

Meh! I’ve ended up coming across from the wrong side but guess I’m trying to defend the propaganda that is perpetrated by many.

Currently the main know, negative side-effect of ketamine is crystal formation in the kidneys and bladder (resulting in a number of people I know now having colostomy bags and one person with a 50/50 chance of being with us tomorrow after spending the last year in hospital and about to go in for her 7th operation after bladder reconstruction surgery not going as planned. Didn’t really want to get into the reasons here (at least until we know the results and know her family are OK with it, although she did start documenting herself before being admitted and wanting to produce a book/info pack to warn people about the real danger) but that’s pretty much it in a nutshell…)

Plus theorised Olney’s Lesions, but that’s mainly based on work on PCP and although the two drugs are related they are also very different.

Anyway can everybody spare a thought for my friend Kaylie today and hope she pulls through OK. Doctors have given her 50% chance of being out within 6 weeks and 50% chance of not at all. I really am feeling quite upset today and have to go out today so catch yo all later…

it’s good fun in small doses on the couch listening to music. if you can get a bit try some. you’ll like it! there’s no need to take lines the length of your arm (as with all drugs!).

btw, kazkore i hope your friend is ok! fingers crossed dood.

yer, i second that…hope she gets through it, and is better on the other side!

here, its mostly used as veterinary medicine. for bulls and cows.
the effect as drug on humans isnt fully clarified.

the most dangerous part at consuming ketamine is the dosage!!!
so, just to be safe, please dont use it at all!
… for your liver and kidneys.

and the use for children is very controversial.

“Both total lies. …”

btw.: every country has its own legal appointment for the application of ketamine and sorts of that.