Key tracker question

Recently I have been actively using the wave generation method in the Renoise using the native ring modulation plug-in. Everything works cool. But the question is, is it possible using the formula device to change octaves? Since if you connect the tracker key to several ring modulators (to get a chord), changing the offset in the notes according to the chord is incorrect.

thnx and have nice day!

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hey, you could transform the keytracker output with a formula. (A + (n+1)/120) or (A - n/120) where n is the amount of semitones you want to add/subtract. but as you need a separate track and keytracker device for each simultaneous note anyway, you could just map it in the keytracker.image

ringring.xrns (8.4 KB)

or maybe I completely misunderstood what you are trying to do :slight_smile:

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Big thnx! Cool!!!

Check my doofers with keytracking formulas:

Allows transpose, harmonics, finetune…


I vaguely remembered that somebody uploaded tuned filter settings some time ago and was just searching for them. No need to search further, those doofers are awesome man. Thank you so much. I could never wrap my head around the whole mathstuff behind it :slight_smile: so cool!