Keyboard Shortcuts In Pattern Editor Dont Work (Focus Issue)?

2.7b1 on windows
Keyboard shortcuts seems to do nothing on the pattern editor ( I use mostly copy/paste and delete)

Are you on OSX? Then you are maybe a victim of this bug:

Restarting OSX should fix this.

If not, it would be great if you could give us a bit more info. Do other shortcuts in other parts of Renoise work?

It seems to be only on the pattern editor. Other shortcuts I usually use seems to work fine.

works here, are you sure the pattern editor has focus? Middle mouse click or control tab to it until you’re sure (little red brackets surrounding the pattern).

Ok I didn’t know I had to right clic “set keyboard focus” each time I want to edit the pattern, in the last version a simple clic did the trick. perhaps something in the preferences to tick ?

(second useless post of the morning and I feel poetic)

a simple click will work as well :)

Maybe you mean the pattern matrix and not pattern editor? See [To Keep Or Revert?] Matrix Blocks Dont Respond To Keys Anymore? please

yes I mean pattern matrix,
please accept my apologies for that messy useless post of a question already asked that I haven’t saw in this ocean of posts. :rolleyes:
And thanks for always fast answering