KONTAKT 5 VST OSX - unable to load instruments in 32bit

not able to load instruments into Kontakt 5 with Renoise 2.8.1 / 32bit on OSX Mountain Lion:

-run renoise in 32bit
-load instance of kontakt
-load instrument into kontakt

-> the instrument just wont load, nothing happening,
upon trying a second time, sometimes the samples get loaded and the instrument appears, but then the ram used for the instrument’s samples shows 0 MB and the instrument doesnt play. sometimes kontakt just seems to crash and the window becomes unresponsive.

when using renoise in 64bit, with kontakt 64bit:

able to load instruments into kontakt.
everything works like it should.

The strange thing:

when saving the project in 64bit, with the loaded kontakt instruments and opening it in renoise 32bit,
everything loads fine and i can play my song with the loaded kontakt samples.

EDIT: This only seems to be the case when using KONTAKT as a VST Plugin, AU seems to be OK.

Do you have the checkbox “Run all plugins in sandboxes” turned on in the plugin preferences of the 32-bit version?
If so, can you toggle it off and try again?

It’s turned off.

I also found out now that there are problems when using Kontakt 5 as AU as well.
While displaying the Loading Samples Dialog, Kontakt gets stuck in the loading process and crashes.
I have to restart Renoise and try again. Sometimes that works, other times not.

Where does Kontakt tries to load the sample libraries from?
Is that perhaps from a network drive or another slow external drive?
Also have you checked the condition of that drive (read/write faults)?
I am beginning to believe that either your drive is dying out or the transfer speed is too slow.

I know you can set an engine mode in the Quantum Leap sampler for prebuffering samples. (How much of the samples does the plugin load into memory and what does it play from the drive)
Does Kontakt has such a buffer division option? (RAM/DFD ratio) perhaps you could notice some changes when playing with that option.

The samples are loaded from the internal harddrive of my macbook pro.
As stated before, in 64bit it works flawlessly and also when using kontakt as standalone or with logic, protools, maschine etc.
And when the song is saved in 64bit, it can be opened without problems in 32bit - regardless of amount of samples loaded into kontakt.

So basically the error only occurs while the Kontakt GUI is displayed in 32bit, when its not, the samples load just fine.

Somehow this really seems to point to a bitrate incompatibility issue, but that is hard to prove. The sample library is ofcourse 32-bit compatible? (It frankly shouldn’t matter, but i don’t have Kontakt unfortunately)

It sure is.
I’ve tried using several different sample libraries.
Small patches sometimes load ok, but the bigger the patches always break the plugin while loading.
never had any trouble using the same sample libraries when i was still using renoise 2.7.
since 2.8, the functionality broke…

Has nobody else ever reported this problem on osx?

There have been reported various Kontakt issues, but i’m not sure your caliber is with it.
Also tried to update it to the latest version?
Though it is strange it works fine with 2.7
Though i recall some other plugin that seemed to work fine with an older version of Renoise but not with 2.8.