Kontakt Player difficulties

Hey, just bought a VST for use with kontakt player. After I installed Kontakt player and located the .dll file so that Renoise could recognize it, it worked for around an hour. now Renoise will not recognize Kontakt.dll despite my attempts to reinstall kontakt player, as in, Renoise can no longer find the .dll

Any advice? has this happened to anyone else?

What OS do you use? In which folder is the dll of your kontakt?

Renoise has 2 possible routes to assign that will allow VSTi to be loaded (Renoise: Edit/Preferences/Plug/Misc: VST Plugins). Do any of those 2 paths match the master folder containing the kontakt dll?

im running windows 10, I’ve copied kontakt.dll into a folder within my VST folder because the Native instruments folder where the original is held is write protected.

Do a clean install of kontakt, correctly linking the install destination folder from the wizard. Don’t move the dll. Maybe this is the problem.

I did a fresh install, did not fix the issue :frowning: Reaktor works fine but kontakt player doesn’t

Would uninstalling Renoise, deleting all Reniose configuration files, and reinstalling Renoise be a problem?

i guess i could try that

Did this work? I’m having the exact same issue. Kontakt dll 32 bit works fine, the 64 bit wont work.