Renoise is not recognizing plugins

Earlier this year i posted this:

I recently purchased Shreddage Serpent which requires kontakt player, but no matter how many times I reinstall it to different places and change the renoise VST directories I have not been successful. I also have AIR hybrid 3 which was working fine before I reinstalled renoise. now, Renoise cannot find that either.

I am very frustrated with the lack of consistency in Renoise when It comes to plugin recognition. renoise flat out refuses to recognize kontakt.dll (it will recognize komplete kontrol even when it isn’t installed???)

any and all help is appreciated

A few things, where is kontakt player installed, and what does it say in the edit/preferences/plugin tab in Renoise? Are you 100% sure it is installed in the correct folder?

Perhaps something went wrong and somehow kontakt player is registered as a previously failed plugin? Can you try re-scanning for previously failed plugins in the mentioned preferences screen?

Not familiar with kontakt player, but sometimes people look for instruments in the track dsp tab of Renoise, which is for vst fx. Redundant to say probably, but make sure you’re looking in the instruments editors plugin tab. Other than that I can’t help you, perhaps people with kontakt can chime in?

  1. Kontakt player is installed in C: - Program files - Native Instruments (kontakt folder is in here)

2.i’ve rescanned the appropriate folders several times (somewhere around 20) I straight up have Hybrid.dll in one of the specified locations and it doesn’t find it

  1. I’m loading VSTs throiught the VST tab

Have you tried deleting the Renoise VST cache files (AppData\Roaming\Renoise…CachedVSTs_x64.db etc) and re-scanning?

Besides this installation folder, did you have to specify another path for the vst(i) to be installed too? Is the kontakt player.dll installed in here as well? If so, is this particular path listed in Renoises preferences? A lot of times when installing plugins you specify a folder for common files, and another directory to specify where you keep all your plugins.

I.o.w the directories listed similarly here in Renoise;
which you will have named differently on your end, should contain the kontakt.dll.

Other then what is already said, you perhaps have accidentally hid the plugin? Unhide it through right mouse clicking the vst instrument list and selecting “show hidden devices”;

You can also try opening the log file, locate it through Renoise;
Close Renoise and then open the log file and search (ctrl+f or something) for kontakt. See if there is some kind of error logged?

Thanks everyone - deleting the cache file did the trick! kontakt player works well

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Yes, thank you.

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