Kraken/Gore Appreciation Thread

I’d just like to extend a big thanks to kRAkEn/gORe for all his contributions to Renoise 2.5

He brought us the amazing signal follower device

He created the oft misunderstood stutter device

Previously unbeknownst to me, he’s also responsible for the X/Y pad and the Plugin grabber :D

I haven’t used the X/Y pad much, but the plugin grabber has been getting QUITE a bit of use. It particularly kicks ass for grabbing drum instruments.

He undoubtedly had quite a bit to do with the rest of the progress in this release

I’ve heard rumor that he likes to be experimental …

… And this all makes me very happy :)

So kRAkEn/gORe, welcome to the team… I hope you know that your contributions are VERY much appreciated, and if it seems like we’re ungrateful bastards, that’s 'cause we all suffer from OWRD (obsessed with Renoise disorder) and we often overreact to things from fear that our favorite app will somehow change in ways we won’t like… which is silly because not only do we trust the team, but change is good, and it’s really what we’re addicted to about Renoise… it’s constantly changing for the better… and you’re part of that now. So thanks for all your hard work kRAkEn/gORe… and thanks to the rest of the team for bringing this madman in to mix up the party ;)

Partly thanks to him there are great things in Renoise I was really wishing for. So here is my +3! :D

Kraken …

i need the ultimate phat-track-generator while i am on partys at weekends :lol:

seems you made good work in the team

thx ^_^

Don’t forget the X/Y pad and the Plugin grabber.
These are his work as well.

Good thread - Cheers kRAkEn/gORe!!

I am a fan of the Jucetice project, so I was pretty stoked when I heard he would have input into Renoise 2.5. Stutter, X/Y and the grabber are awesome, here’s hoping for your continued input into 2.6 and beyond!

kraken plays a big role in the team: he creates those “little” things which would take taktik’s attention too much away from the main focus.

Though these things aren’t really little at all… Kraken’s contributions added some major convenience to how I and probably lots of other people used to work (LOL@ my side-chaining method :D ).

i like to thank kraken, too. and hope you will bring us a lot of nice things in the future.
keep up the great work!

btw i like the stutter, it`s perfect for groove shadows and stuff. :drummer:

cheers… this overall release freaking raaaaaawks. no harm to say it again :D

taktik and kraken, THANK YOU.

they boys have done good ^_^


bigups Kraken, definitely very appreciated contribution

Definitely some very good editions

Would love to have a peek at the source code…

Nerdy stuff aside, I have a minor (minor) niggling concern…

The Signal Follower and the Plugin Grabber are superb and solid additions… The X-Y thing and the Stutter device… Not so sure. Hope this is on a sign of things to come where devices are added just to show what can be coded…

The former seem like genuinely insightful and terse programming decisions… the latter, well, they seem to be short cuts to sounds that are already achievable in Renoise, when a user gets to grips with it all.

Kind of feels like the first two are tools for men, and the last two are kiddy fun stuff.

Yes, it’s very nice too see additional powers to the development team of the world’s coolest music production software. Many of these new features (instrument grabber, stutter, signal follower, etc) certainly add more value to the coolness factor, and I didn’t see any of them coming. Now that they are here, I use them frequently.

I think the fact that version 2.6 will be about scripting proves, once and for all, that the Renoise developers are really serious about giving more freedom to the creative minds out there. This is the feature I’ve always craved since the very dawn of Renoise.

There was a time ~10 years ago when I thought to myself “Why did I spend so much time with trackers instead of learning the piano-roll way of composing music?”. Music producers just laughed at trackers. “If you want to be serious about music production”, people constantly told me, “you have to use proper software, like Cubase”. Well, I did. Never was happy about it. Today, I can kick these Cubase boys’ asses anytime: by using Renoise as the means of putting down notes and rewiring it to other mainstream sequencers, it sometimes feel like I’m almost cheating.

i can 100% agree to this, looks like we had a similarly way ;)

thanx to all !

but you forgot to mention the mother of all features in term of workflow (and the one i’m most proud of): Cross Track Routing.

…also the cabinet took me weeks to complete!


Yea, cross track routing is the main reason why I give my ups to kraken. The feature I really, really wanted and no track of mine hasn’t lived since the first alphas where cross track routing was implemented. :)

Also the cabinet sim which is in use on all of my metal tracks.

The cabinet is Renoise’s new cowbell!

What the hell has Taktik done for this new release? :wink: lol