Ladies Using Renoise?

I’d be intersted to see photographs of your ‘setup’.


I think he really wants to drewl on their music equipment rather than their own organic physical gear :P

I can name two so far without hard thinking.

Vaccine -
Harmony Steel -

Ah, the ‘setup’ expression was a bit misleading then… Vaccine looks hot tho. :)

Rumours saying she and her husband are divorced, but nothing they both seem to clarify on a more detailed level.

Alarin is also a long time tracker… I have no idea if she was a scener though, but i noticed her work in the late 90’s.

On C64 i know Vanja Utne (Mermaid), also done some stuff on Amiga and Atari ST, but have no details about that. Vanja is omnitalented… She mainly did graphics and coding on the C64 i believe and the music was just some side-part she did, not too bad.

You can look a lot of stuff up on OJuice if you want.

the demoscener girl kown as supersole is using Renoise.

I’m not giving anything a shot… i’m happily connected ;)

I don’t think they mind these rumors swarming around… it’s a good publicity trick…

Well not as her main sequencer i guess… nothing of Renoise being found in any of this picture of the gear:

Any girls using Renoisers? Or any Renoisers using girls?

I talked with supersole via some months ago, she was going to try Renoise. the triage seems to have been successful, since her latest two songs are XRNS files you can download from her site.

I’ve been teaching my Sister how to use Renoise the last few months.

Soon as her first tune is done will be sure to post it on here.

Surprised she isn’t mentioned yet.

Ouch :D

Yet the two tunes she released this year carry the note “made with Renoise 2”


I know a girl who tried Renoise, but she prefers Pro Tools.

there is something ambiguous in this phrase… :P

Just like what have I done to my elder sister. She’snow trying to master all the native DSP effects and their uses. =>

Not technically a girl. More like a guy.

I blame the marketing guy(s).

We call that a she-male :P