Laptop Shortcuts

When I frist loaded Renoise on my Macbook Pro I instantly noticed that some of the many keyboard shortcuts this program uses cannot be initiated due to it’s lack of page navigation keys and the number pad. I know there is a way to change these shortcuts in the preferences, but I thought I’d ask to see if anyone else is running Renosie on their laptop and if so, what do you have your important shortcuts set to such as the keyboard octave switch shortcuts etc.? I find myself using Renoise on my laptop computer more than my desktop because of how portable and easy it is to do things without a mouse, but the shortcut thing is a setback.

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I just recently ran into the same problem. I use to use it on my iBook with little issue, but now with my mbp I’m not sure what to do other then remap everything.

I have the same problem. I now usually plug in a USB keyboard when I want to use Renoise. This of course is ridiculous.
Maybe the Renoise devs, or even we as a community can come up with a default setting for laptops that is most usable and have that than integrated as an option into Renoise. What do you think?


Maybe it would help if you could define the shortcuts you are having problems with? What do you need to remap? 2 keys? 200 keys? I have a MacBook Pro and don’t have any issues.

There’s a FN key in the lower left, in case you didn’t notice it? Gives you access to the function keys for Renoise. FN + Arrows also acts as page up, page down, home, end.

Ctrl+Click = Right Click. Option+Click = Middle click. No issues for contextual selection either.

In Apple -> System Preferences I also disable useless gestures and useless global keyboard shortcuts. (Look for Trackpad and Keyboard)

The only thing I miss is Backspace and Insert. I map Option-DELETE as “backspace”, and CTRL-DELETE as Insert, leving the default behaviour with no modifier keys and I’m good to go.

Numpad is gone, but Option+arrow keys is fast enough for me? Which is the default?

Apple provides a lot of Macbook Pro shortcuts which substitute a regular keyboard, these have always been there…

Oh wow thanks a lot! I’ll give these a try. I’d forgotten about the fn key. I was just fixated on the numlock being gone i guess. I’ll give this all a shot.

Unfortunately on my laptops the Fn key only enables the numbers and the math operators. I still miss numpad enter, numpad =.


Reassign them to something else then!

Great, now we are back to where this thread started. I could refer you back to the beginning of the thread now, asking you to read it again, but that would catch you in an infinite reading loop, so I just repeat the stuff from above:
It might be nice if the developers (who already put thought in what the best shortcuts are) or we as a community can come up with a standard remapping for those cases.



How exactly do you “remap” these? I have not found any option to do this and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t want to have to redefine a bunch of keyboard shortcuts just because my keyboard doesn’t have Insert or Delete.

I never realized it until I got a MacBook Pro this week, but Insert and Delete are two of my top 5 most-used keys in Renoise and it really sucks to not have them. For now, I have myself doing Shift-Backspace for Delete and Ctrl-Backspace for Insert in the Pattern Editor, but it’s much more annoying than being able to quickly hit one key and it also means I can’t, for example, quickly add a new pattern or change the pattern with a keyboard shortcut from the Pattern Editor like I do on my PC.

That “fn + arrows” to jump lines was KILLING ME. I’ve changed from pc to macbook pro (which is smooth as silk), except when trying to figure out the shortcuts for the macbook pro keyboard. I use the full (with number pad) keyboard when I’m at my setup, not when around the house.

Thanks Connor

Hi, I’ve mapped the-key-left-of-z to do octave up and octave down, < > .
I changed backspace to be “delete current row” (or however it went), so it kinda works like delete

I’ve used this tool called KeyRemap4MacBook to map FN to “insert” ( it works in both SchismTracker and Renoise ).

The first thing I did on the MacBookPro was say that functionkeys MUST function as functionkeys, and thus all the fancy shortcuts that everyone else uses (brightness up/down etc) are FN-f1 FN-f2 for me.

Haven’t figured out what to do with pageup pagedown, home and end.