Larynx Numero Trois

The Third Installment :smashed:

Make a tune with the body…or any part of it…record loops, single sample drumkits of farts, bones clicking…not necessarily singing, could be a percussive piece.
Anything goes, i’m going to allow complete freedom of NATIVE effects too.
BUT I will set a theme.,.,…

Kung Fu

I want the XRNS too so compress it using the XRNI Ripper.

EDIT: theme not compulsory :mellow:
EDIT: Old tunes from previous comps :
Verdorven Je Moeder - Botb
My Ex Girlfriend - Solion
Larynx Beat - Randombodywork - Td6d
Cry,cry,Smile,smile - Moss
Voxcomp - Kikaruu
LarynxDnBshit - RUBBAHDAWG
Did i Stutter - TD6D
Tits and Fart - Moss


I read the deadline at first and was going to say (less than) a day is just silly. Two months should be fine though and might actually try and get something entered this time :)

Nice one Kaz! :yeah:

Ofcourse I’m in! Now I just have to get my sound interface ‘fixed’ so I can properly record… :blink:

Good news Td6d, looking forward to your entry.
And remember, complete freedom w/native effects…anything you like. (though i will give more kudos for the one sounding most natural)

GREAT THEME! Gonna try again fo’ sho’ and make something better this time.

Coooooel rubbah, yeh you’ve got plenty of time for this one. Looking forward to hearing your second one.

[center]I got some MAD ideas for this t0000n =D


cool cool NINJA! :D looking forward to it…burp

Unfortunately I will not be defending my title as I am tied up with uni work till the end of may! good luck to everyone else!


Hi folks, it’s been a while.
I started something… Moss, is it ok to say that deadline is tomorow at 23h59 GMT?

You’ve got a month extra ;)

Damn!! :huh:


Nice pic :wub:

Ok Baby

it’s like…alien porn.

I got so sick of my old microphone, I smashed it yesterday (literally), looked on the interwebs, found someone nearby that sold a nice one for not much money and went and got it. Just started over and I loooveee this already. (not my track, just this new mic)
How are you guys doing?

Since moving in i havent written nowt, i have no desk, and no space in my room…the only desk i can sit on is in the living room and its pretty embarrasing to make a nasty larynx tune with a room full of people…
I’m’a definitely try and get one in by May.
If there are no entries, i may have to extend.