Last Movie You Saw And Liked

Tekkon Kinkreet

The Man From Earth

No Country for Old Men.

He Was a Quiet Man

If you ask LAST movie i saw and liked then its gotto be Cloverfield :) but if you ask more along the lines of my favorite movie, then its a lot harder question. I think i dont have a favorite right now, but hmm… let me think, HEAT jumps to mind, Predator was my favorite at a time and is still classic…



Hard Candy - which I saw last but if I liked it it’s difficult to say. It was disturbing.

I really recommend seeing: “gone baby gone”

  • yesterday I watched “No Country for Old Men” which I quite liked too, tho I missed a lot with the southern accents & no subtitles to my disposal :)

That would have to be ‘Big natrual tits 7’
Not a patch on the glory days of Big natrual tits 1 and 2 but a welcome return to form after the awful Big natrual tits 6.

Are the cohens back on form?

“control” was impressive - really top-notch performances, i thought.

“we jam econo” - not a film really, but a feature-length documentary about the minutemen (the 80’s punk band - not the american nazi dingbats. :P )

“sweeney todd, the demon barber of fleet street”. not really a fan of musicals (generally can’t stand them), but any combo of tim burton and johnny depp is hard not to like.

“the last king of scotland” was brilliant too.

Murder of Crows. Nice thriller.

Oh yes Sweeny Todd… I forgot I saw that more recently… ok, Sweeny Todd it is then! :P

The last movie I saw and liked had to be I am Legend.

I saw Cloverfield, but all that gave me was a headache and the feeling of not eating popcorn in a theater anymore.


Children of Men << recommended

Saw it in the theater, MAN it was INTENSE!!
Now it is a treasured gem in my DVD collection.

no country for old men, was brilliant!

i watched the science of sleep
since then, and it was pretty amazing too.


the best film ever made imho

“The Boondock Saints”
a tarantino-esque style of movie with a brilliant Willem Dafoe.

i actually didn’t see it most recently, but as it’s one of my all time fav’s i thought it was rather worth the mention than the mainstream “i am legend”, which was merely “entertaining” but nothing you’ll remember for long.

A Scanner Darkly