Layering instruments?

hey i would like to know what are your favorite methods for layering instruments
specifically when using vst instruments
to me its a bit tedious when using the advanced panel to make a “swap” for instruments each time i want to layer something cause if i change something in the main sound then i have to go and change it manually again in the layers

i dont know if there is any tool that handles that better or at least a workflow that makes it more easy

on a side note Bitwig uses something called Note receivers which are super useful you can use them to layer sounds or for instance to trigger vst effects that may have parameters triggered by midi like Gatekeeper

thanks in advance

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yeah it’s hard work… the bitwig idea sounds interesting, maybe we could have a device called SEND NOTE, where you can chose what instrument to send and what instrument will be received on the destination track.

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There are many ways this could be implemented but a NOTE RECEIVER device sounds like the best option after having thought about it a bit, could also be named VIRTUAL TRACK or TRACK LAYER.
The device should simply have Select Track, Source instrument and Destination instrument.

I will go write to Santa…

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I made this one:


@Ledger super thanks gonna try as soon as I get home

Also yeah @Garf note receivers is the way to go :heart::heart::heart::musical_note::musical_note::musical_note:

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I found you can do it with a midi thru port.

Go to the midi tab of the instrument. Set midi output of the first VST instrument to midi through, set up channel. Then go to the second (third, fourth) instrument, and set the thru port and the right channel as input.

Then you can control both in unisono from the first instrument!

You can set the same input for multiple instruments, creating a group. As there are only 15 midi channels, you are restricted to 15 layering groups.

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what is a midi thru port.???

(edit: oops this is a reply to post below)
Yeah it’s not possible on Windows by default I think, I have found an app that might make it work on windows but I am not installing weird apps anymore, am too afraid of malware and shit

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I tried it on linux with alsa midi, and it works fine here!

Alsa midi always creates a thru port. It is basically a software port where you put in and receive your input at the same time. If you don’t have thru port in your software, maybe you could try using a “software midi loopback”.

Sorry I have no clue how it would work on win/osx.

Convert instrument number LedgerScripts - and bind the functions of the tool to your shortcut keys. Best way on the planet. Once you get the hang of it. There is also a tool that creates a duplicate track incl. notes and maps it to another instrument remaining in sync with the original. It’s a sick tool - you can bind it to shortcut keys as well. ‘Sync All Notes in Group’ also by Ledger. With these 2 tools you’ll be all set.
I also use the MMC (Midi Management Console) to do this kind of work i.e. layering instruments. With this tool, it makes easier to manage midi routings. er… There are the 3 tools you need.


OMFG that’s awesome, I mean this is quite perfect . thanks :slight_smile:

You made this in 2013!?! how come I’ve never found it before :frowning: I wonder what other gems are made and unknown to many of us

It’s certainly worth digging around the tools site to see what people have submitted. As tools auto-update you can find stuff that works from earlier versions of renoise too (see drop-down at top of page):

Tools site

It’s a bit harder to find stuff that gets buried in the forum and not submitted officially. If interested I’ve got a post with links to all the stuff I’ve put on forum both submitted and not here:

Ledgers Scripts List