Ledgers Scripts List

Index post of my scripts:

On Forum, But Not On Tools Site:

Toggle Master Track Meter

List Unused Patterns

Song Preview Sample

Check Times Instrument Used

keep Selected Pattern Looping

Kick A Copy

Master Bandpass

Create Local Send

Phase Mixer

True Track Bypass

Drum Layers

Tagged Plugin Search

Always A Free Instrument Slot

Channel Strip Buddy

Show Devices Scripting Properties (Scripting Helper Tool)

Single-Click Pattern Navigate

Group Selected Tracks - Update


Group Nudge

I Can Haz Sequencer

Open Plugin Or Detached Sampler

Autoseek From Menu

Track Groove

Duplicate Selection In Pattern

Pattern Shortcuts

Repeat Previous Notes

Track Headroom Compensate

Transport Stats

Rarely Updated Or Been Superseded By Other Tools:

Velocity Pan Delay Automation

Fake A Sidechain

Get Track

Reorder notes by pitch

Ticky Roll

Search For Track

Virtual MIDI Piano Helper

Released On Tool Site:


Random Plug

Missing Plugins Info Simplified

Nudge Track Delay

Mix Balancer

Spotlight Solo

Device Sergeant

Send Mixer

Automation Single Slider

Quick Vol AHDSR

Groove Control

Note Properties

Auto Capture From First Note

Auto Max Selected Device

Convert Inst Numbers

Clear Junk Data

Go To Send Track

Note Off Tool

Print My Chords

Set Meta Values

Set Track Width To Active Columns

Sync All Notes In Group

Toggle Reference Track

Vsti From Menu

Tool Updater - Update


Some very useful tools there, thanks! :)

Yes, awesome stuff you’re doing!!

Convert Instrument Numbers is something I can’t live without. Probably my most used tool! :D

An inspiration to many. Good work.

Thanks for the kind words guys,

I will keep this post updated as and when any new tools are uploaded.

Very much looking forward to seeing more from you! :)

Are you working on the 2.7 version of your scripts? Hope they will be released soon on tools.renoise.com

Due to various commitments, scripting is on the back burner for a little while now. The 2.7 versions are all available in the linked threads aswell as the 2.6 ones though.

All links in first post now updated for new forum, and should work.

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Thanks for these, really awesome stuff!!

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