Legato for the Phrase Editor?

Was using it as a trance gate, just with 00 and 80s in the vol column, and was thinking wouldnt it be nice if the phrase kept on playing from teh same position when you changed note…dont know if thats possible though…

Have you tried the sample offset commands in the main pattern editor where the note triggers the phrase?

oh??what is this skill you speak of vv?you are a wise tome of impeccable knowledge…you mean 09 ???let me just investigate…

i must sound like a dinosaur…09??? what was i thinking…but I still cant see how to do it with sample offset…maybe if you have a sample thats synced already to your temp and already set to your bar length…but i did mess up in the topic title, i was thinking originally about single cycle samples, which i should have stated…and as itsso easy to cntrl-v and cntl-p the whole thng is not so much an issue…

Well, i hoped the ghost-noting trick would actually do it, but using ghost noting on Phrases does not work at all, hence using the sample offset might do the trick although ghost noting should make things easier (it does not require you fill in the line from which the phrase should continue).

Ghostnotes would be really nice to have in phrases.

I guess Legato would sit up there in the upper right corner and complement “Mono” and “Hold”.

Regarding ghost notes: we are speaking about controlling phrases then, via the pattern editor? This is interesting too - it could work like this “choose legato in the instrument if you want explicit legato mode, or use ghost notes (advanced users) if you want to mix & match”

IT-Alien also posted a part about it backstage, i missed his suggestion there. Taktik added a mode to the sample-offset command which supports changing the offset in the phrase but if you want to apply different effects to each note on each line while the phrase is playing, this means requiring the Sxx command and advanced edit interpolation tricks to autofill the whole in between gap in with the adjacent positions.
It is a little more work, but not much more if you know your way around with the Advanced edit.